Vlog 302: They Think It’s All Over


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Welcome to the edge-of-your-seat finale of the marathon BCN Challenge 2023, where narrowboaters compete to see who can cover most of the Birmingham Canal Network in 24 hours.

Part 1 can be seen by clicking here
NB “Ferrous” video can be seen by clicking here
Boating in the rain featuring Rivets 5000 is available for viewing here
BCN Society can be found at www.bcnsociety.com

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  1. Barry Woodhouse

    Lokks like fun if a lot of hard work with prop rubbish and low water levets! Was there a ‘weighting system’ in place for the final scoring David? The butty being towed versus little Rivets boat are miles apart IMO. I’m not surprised ‘Rivets’ won being much smaller it could go where others would find it difficult. What’s its draught?
    Anyway another enjoyable vlog.

    • Yes there’s quite a complex weighting system regarding boat size and whether you’re towing or not plus crewing numbers etc!

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