My Boats

I’ve owned (and lived aboard) a narrowboat for seven years; that had to be sold for various reasons in 2022 and now I own a small fibreglass cabin cruiser which I am restoring.

The narrowboat
NB “Wreyland” is 55 feet 11 inches long and 6 feet, 10 inches wide which is the standard narrowboat width. It was built in 2000. The shell (hull) was built by G&J Reeves and the interior fit-out was by Millburn Boats. I was the third owner. My videos from the very first up to number 263 where I finally sold it, document my time on board.

The cabin cruiser
“Twiggy” is a 20-foot long Microplus 600, built in around 1975. It’s really a river boat but because it’s fractionally narrower than a narrowboat (6’8″ to be precise), it can fit in all the narrow canal locks. Unfortunately, Twiggy is showing its age and needs some repairs to the fibreglass as well as interior refurbishment so that’s what I’m now working on.