Welcome to the inland waterways!

Hello! My name’s David Johns. In 2015, I quit my job in local television news, sold my house and went to live on a narrowboat, cruising around the canals of England. I documented my time aboard in video and now make films about canal life. On this website I have the complete collection of those videos plus pages of information to help you in your canal journey whether for holiday or living aboard. Welcome along!

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  • Vlog 339: Sweet Music
    The Evesham River Festival was held on Saturday July 13th and within it was a gathering of the Russell Newbery Register. I went along to find out why people love these engines so much – and to have a browse around the rest of the festival.
  • Vlog 338: Tixall the Boxes
    I visit a rather splendid canal narrowboat which has just been bought after sitting in a marina for three years. It’s new owner, Matthew, is a specialist and enthusiast in the systems on board.
  • Vlog 337: Wet T-Shirt
    Having brought the boat out of water for refurbishment, it first needed a really good shower to get some of the long-standing muck off. It’s still a bit mucky in places but it was a good start.