Tip Jars

My videos are published for free on YouTube and anyone can watch them without subscription or other payment. However, some viewers asked how they might send me a few quid as a ‘tip’ for their enjoyment of the videos so I opened a Patreon page and a Ko-fi page.

My Patreon offers a small range of benefits or perks to you in return for an ongoing monthly donation, which can be as little as £2 ($2 USD) or more depending on what you want to give. The tiers and perks are listed on that page. Click here to visit Patreon.

Ko-fi can also be used to send regular donations but is more typically used for a “one off” tip, which can be via PayPal or a credit or debit card. Card payments are processed via Stripe which is extremely secure. Click here to visit Ko-fi.

Either way, there’s absolutely no obligation on you to do so, they’re just available as options if you feel so inclined; if you do, then thank you very much indeed, it’s really appreciated and helps me keep the videos coming.

Other ways to help support my efforts that also give you something back include buying my eBook, or maybe some of my t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise.