Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 22 February 2024

How deep are the canals?

What does it cost to live aboard a canal boat?

Is it cold in winter?

Do you pay council tax?

Where does the “grey” water from the sink and shower go?

Do you need a licence to drive a narrowboat?

Those canals look very narrow, are they one-way?

Can you recommend a hire company for us to use?

What about a route, can you recommend one for us when hiring?

Why do you steer from the back, not the front?

How fast can you go on the canals?

How did the boats of old go through tunnels without a towpath?

Can you drive a narrowboat in the dark?

How do you deal with all the mosquitoes on the canals?

Why are the canals so disgustingly filthy?

How do you get post and what about registering for a doctor?

How do you turn around?

Why don’t boaters greet each other when they pass?

Why are you driving on the right when you drive cars on the left in the UK?

Where does the water come from to supply the canals?

Do the canals ever flood?

What happens if you overstay on a mooring?

Why don’t you use a cordless drill to operate the paddle gear?

Do you need a TV licence on a boat?

What’s the narrowboat forum you mention sometimes in your videos?

Which guide books do you use?

What’s your fuel consumption?

Can you change a boat’s name and how?

Can you take a narrowboat to sea?

Why don’t you have / fit a bow thruster / “trolling motor”?

Why don’t you have a generator?

Why don’t boaters fit wind turbines?

How do you / Why don’t you paint the baseplate of the boat?

Can you fish in the canals and do you eat them?

Will you film a shopping trip for us please?

Why not use a drone to look ahead and around corners?