Vlog 68: Been Counting

This is the third (and final, as it turns out) video in my short series about the costs of buying and owning a canal narrowboat. Here I talk about the annual ongoing costs you will incur regardless of how you use the boat, plus a quick overview of what I spend to live on board each month.

I knew I’d forget something; a viewer on YouTube has pointed out I missed the four-yearly “BSS” (boat safety) scheme check. The cost of that depends on whether you’ve got anything that needs sorting…

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  1. After watching (and enjoying) all your episodes on AmazonPrime, I’ve been working my way through the vlogs. I must say it was a treat to see you smile and laugh. It cracked me up! Your work is amazing; thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Is this still ‘about’ relevant?

  3. Excellent.
    Viv says, still a sweetie!
    Something to add is that insurance is not an option, if you float on CRT waters, you must have insurance.
    Viv keeps very detailed spreadsheets for expenditure, so we can advise!
    It’s not cheap but maybe cheaper than a house?
    There’s also the BSS certificate every 4 years at £150 ish.
    We have gas CH and the costs are comparable to diesel without the pollution or service costs. Only pain is replacing the cylinders!

    • You are legally able to self insure if you have suitable monies, I believe. And yes, I forgot the BSS as I’ve not yet had to have one. Someone also pointed this out on YouTube.

    • does anyone know where I can get a ready made spreadsheet of pre purchase and ongoing costs for a narrowboat please

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