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Canalboat Hire Firms

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and it is absolutely not a recommendation for any of them as I have never hired but these are some of the more well-known hire companies whose boats I tend to see often when out cruising:

ABC Boat Hire
Anglo Welsh
Black Prince
Kate Boats
Union Canal Carriers

Disability Boating Organisations

Charities and organisations who can offer the specially-equipped boats and trained staff to take less physically-able folk on the canals

Accessible Boating Association – “disabled people and those with mobility or socialising difficulties” (Basingstoke)
Baldwin Trust – “residents of rest and care homes, those with mobility and disability issues” (Leicester)
Bruce Trust – “Disabled, disadvantaged or elderly people” (Wilts & Berks)
CanalAbility – “disabilities and special needs” (Essex / Hertfordshire)
Ethel Trust – “community groups” (Doncaster)
Chesterfield Canal Trust – “wheelchair access” (Chesterfield)
Hargreaves Narrowboat Trust – “care homes and special needs groups” (Coventry)
Heulwen Trust – “vulnerable and less abled adults and children” (North Wales)
Lyneal Trust – “disabilities, illness or injury, or any other vulnerability” (Shropshire / North Wales)
Mary Sunley Canal Boat Trust – “social welfare” (Cheshire)
Nottingham Narrowboat Project – “all sections of our local community” (Nottinghamshire)
Pamela May Trust – “Care, Residential and Nursing Homes, Day Centres and Special Interest Groups” (Worcestershire)
Peter Le Marchant Trust – “any kind of disability or serious illness” (Leicestershire)
River Thames Boat Project – “those with a special need, disability or mental health condition” (South-West London)
Rivertime Boat Trust – “children and adults of varying abilities” (Thames Valley)
SCAD – “those with mobility problems” (North Yorks)
Seagull Trust – “people with special needs” (Scotland)
Somerset Boat Centre – “wheelchair accessible boat” (Somerset)
South Staffordshire Narrowboat Co – “the elderly, disabled & youth groups” (Wolverhampton)
Stockport Canalboat Trust – “disabled people and those with limited mobility” (Greater Manchester)
Swansea Community Boat Trust – “children, disabled people, older people and community groups” (South Wales)
Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust – “elderly, disabled, special needs or health issues” (Staffordshire)
Vale of Llangollen Canal Boat Trust – “disabled and disadvantaged” (North Wales)
Waterways Experiences – “the disadvantaged, teenagers with learning difficulties or other disadvantages” (Hertfordshire)
WCNT – “hospices, special schools, care homes and more” (Cheshire)
Wildside Activity Centre – “disabilities or special needs” (Wolverhampton)
Willow Trust – “disabled and seriously ill children and adults” (Gloucestershire)

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