Vlog 317: Oops! I did it again.

I’ve bought another boat!! Yes, ’tis true but it’s not a traditional steel narrowboat this time (can’t afford one). Instead I’ve bought something very cheap and cheerful, just to bob about in at weekends and on short trips. This is the first of two videos of me bringing the video back to a mooring near my home.

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  1. The sensitivity to steering commands and the tendency to wander is no doubt a lot to do with the hull shape and relative shortness compared to your previous steel narrow boat. I wonder if some of the tenderness is also caused by propwash. If you are going slow and suddenly gun the motor, propwash could pull the rear to the relevant side, depending whether going forwards or aft. The sensitivity of the shorter hull would make the propwash more noticeable. If it is propwash causing some of your issues, once you get the hang of using it appropriately, it can be very useful.

  2. Change the prop pitch or size more load less speed

  3. You put the teabags in the kettle??
    How odd

  4. Hello,
    Congratuations on your return to the waterways! After watching your latest video, I wondered if you might save wear on your new boat by rigging a longer line to Twiggy’s center cleat, then looping it along the bow and stern cleats as you dock at the canal locks…similat to doubling up narrowboats and widebeams before a storm. That way, the fiber hull may be less likely to get roughed up as you open/close the locks and paddles.

    Time-consuming, but possibly useful within a thrice.

    All the Best!

  5. Another great video David and good to see you back on the water,
    I believe i saw that boat (and have a couple of photo’s ) when it was moored at Hanbury Wharf way back in 1978 ish on the Birmingham Worcester canal.
    It certainly looks like your boat (was also Twiggy back then) but can’t see the reg number on the photo’s to confirm. There’s a clear photo of its back-end and a distant one from the bridge showing a front / side view.
    Will be happy to forward them to you if of interest.
    All the Best.

    • I’d certainly be interested though I think it may have had a different index number then. Please do send them on, thank you.

  6. Outboards do not have a rudder, so stear by ‘thrust’ , unless a rudder is added to give grip while moving through the water, not difficult to do, hung from the underside , or fore & aft of the lower motor; that way , stearing is kept on the ‘wheel’.

  7. Barry Woodhouse aka Biggles in the Fens

    Well done young man! Although at times you did look slightly terrified!

  8. How can you do this to us????? Not buying a boat, as that was inevitable! But not giving us a tour on this first video, not explaining how you came to buy THIS boat, not detailing the renovations you’ll do, etc.,etc., etc.!

    Oh, and how in the world will you keep Twiggy from reducing herself to fiberglass matchsticks in those locks that are notorious for bashing **steel** narrowboats around?

    Cheers from Virginia, USA.

  9. WOW…! Congratulations David, very cool boat, I want one..! Can’t wait for the inside tour.
    Happy boating…!!!

  10. Hah, love it! Well done. Very much looking forward to you go with this.

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