Land Ho! Boat for sale

It’s been a difficult decision but for the various reasons outlined in this rather long talking-head chatty video, I am selling my narrowboat and moving back to a house – at least for a while.

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  1. Hi David. It’s Niki Nichols from San Antonio, Texas. I’m Army retired and just happened across your series on Prime. I was so tired of all the junk on movies these days, I was so excited to find this journey with you. It’s been a thrill learning on the boating going on in Britain. I love Brit TV as well. Maybe the accent.. lol. Yours is too good and love your humor. I was tempted to offer to join in on a trip with you but oh well. Best to you and I’ll stay on the watch. Thank you for letting us escape the craziness in this world! Love and prayers for you…..

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you have enjoyed the videos. When you get to the end of Season 4, switch over to YouTube (or this website) as everything from 2020 onwards is on YouTube only (approx video 201 is equivalent to the end of Season 4 on Prime)

  2. I see the boat is awaiting a survey. That was pretty quick.
    Fingers crossed for a smooth sale….

  3. Terry L Shepherd

    Just found your show. Really enjoying season 4. Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you! When you get to the end of Season 4 (there won’t be any further episodes), the voyages continue here on this website and on YouTube, with video 201 being roughly equivalent to the last Prime episode. Everything from 2020 onwards is in subsequent videos.

  4. Reggie Billingsworth

    Personally I think you are making this decision for all the right reasons. Too many ignore the aging process and how it can affect life..ins some kind of deluded denial. And if cruising life is no longer the fun it was, then that 5 year (+/-) ‘tour of duty’ concept I have used OR the beloved Giant Hand usually is a dependable signal. I’m also sure that the ease of contact for your family will reduce their concerns as well. And you have suggested an intriguing future plan…the smaller unit trailered around ….Great Idea!! Thanks for all the insight into the Canal World. You have kept many a global visitor sane in a lock-down world. Loyal fans will keep tuning in I am sure.

  5. Cindy Sue Carter

    We here (my husband and me) in Spokane WA USA Just got watching Cruising the Cut…..we literally just started watching you and absolutely love…Season 3…and now your selling your boat. Well I guess you have to listen to heart and let that lead you. We just love you….And love your humor and you are so interesting and I love learning. Being and seeing yo⅞u on the the weather, the sunshine, just how the locks work….and I absolutely love the lock houses….everything is just so different and so beautiful, Even on a cloudy day! Just watched tonight you summer special with all the boats and flags…very cool. I just wanted to say hello and will still be looking for you. God bless you! Cindy Sue Carter

    • Hello! Thank you. If you’re watching on Prime, then where Season 4 ends is equivalent to vlog 201 on this website and YouTube, so everything from 2020 onwards is on YT only rather than Prime. The videos are continuing though! Regards, David

  6. Sad to see the end of this era David, but thank you for all of your excellent videos. My girlfriend and I have really enjoyed your cruising the cut series and will hope to see you cruising the cut again one day. All the best!

  7. Well. This was a bit of a surprise. But I think I understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your “Cruising the Cut” experience. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. After watching the entire series about 10 times through on Prime, I finally just bought every episode and can now visit whenever I need a good dose of calmness and gentle but often hilarious humor. You’ve helped me through some rough Pandemic Moments, when humor and calm were scarce commodities. Best of luck with this new phase of your life. And thanks again for sharing your life. “Knowing” you via your videos has been pure pleasure.

    • Hello! Thank you. If you’ve been watching on Prime, then just a note that where Season 4 ends is equivalent to vlog 201 on this website and YouTube, so everything from 2020 onwards was and is on YT only rather than Prime. The videos are continuing though! Regards, David

  8. Far better to live with the regret (potentially) of having done/said something David than NOT.. such is the life of a searcher.. from slipping into anair of complacency regarding ones self & life or closing a book to continue a new life saga… whatever the reasons for a large or small change in/to ones lifee are ultimately irrelevant.. life i feel is all about being true to one’s self, one’s own convictions..
    If we each of us knew exactly what we were meant to do through our time here, would that not make trudging through the journey of life so ridiculously boring & foreseeable that it would in essence completely neutralise the enjoyment of lifes adventure..
    Im NOT going to start chanting.. lol. I am simply going to wish you all of the very best David for whatever & wherever this latest tide & life wave carries you off to..
    May it settle you down in calmer & much more pleasant , calm & stimulating waters. :-)
    Thankyou for giving us all the opportunity to be part or to share in your watery adventures of the last 6plus years. It has been (& im happy to hear it will continue to be) your adventure we all can continue to follow.
    Never give up the search for what your looking for.. sometime, when we least expect it, the tides shift & who knows what the winds of change will bring ones way..
    May the very best of your past David turn out to be the worst of your future.
    Kindest regards as always.

  9. Both my parents lived on a narrowboat on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. So I perfectly understand why you are making this next step in your life. My family and I have enjoyed the up’s and down’s of your journeys over the years. I spent most of my childhood afloat and I always thought I would return, I never did…

    Although, I have had several holidays afloat.

    Good luck…

  10. Jeanette Robertson

    Good luck for the future, however it turns out. Glad we will still get vlogs from you

  11. Sorry to hear that David, but only you know what is best for you and we completely understand your reasons why. We don’t live on our boat -being of a certain age 80+ – and can understand your thoughts for the future. Will look forward to your continuing vlogs although we don’t watch them on Youtube but via your website on our Mac.
    Take care young man and all the very best for the future.

  12. David, no matter where you live , you have a very personable and genuine style in the way you present your videos. It feels like you’re listening to an old friend. I look forward to many more quality productions and good luck to you.

  13. What a relief it was to hear that you will continue with the Cruising The Cut channel.
    I only just discovered it weeks ago and after reading the title of your latest vlog, I felt like the guest that arrives at a party just as it ends – as I am still viewing your entire catalog of videos (nearly caught up).
    From your first video you came across very genuine, and as I continued to watch more, I too came to regard you as a longtime friend.
    As an introverted, glasses wearing, 54 year old (“old gits rule”) male in IT (that happens to live near a canal) myself, I can definitely understand why you’ve made this decision.
    Wishing you ALL the best with everything ahead and eagerly await your next vlog.
    See you in the comments. Cheers!

  14. Thank you for your update. I believe that you can do what you love better at a place that meets your needs and secures your future. We have really enjoyed your interviews. This could free you up to include some travel videos to other canals. Personally, since I am in the states am fascinated about business, restaurants and general life in, on and around the canals and aspects of how things get down there. I really enjoy your DIY videos. Keep up the quality work, we will keep watching.

    • Thank you. Yes I’m really hoping that once the dust and chaos of actually moving settles down, the facilities of a fixed base (with constant power etc!) will help to improve the output in the long term. Cheers!

  15. Thanks David, I think you are making a wise choice. We all must plan for our retirement an old age. I bought my house 11 years ago, paid 53,500.00 and today is worth over twice that. I retired 3 years ago @ 71. I have a low house payment I can afford and am quite comfortable.
    Glad to hear you will still be doing videos, we all enjoy them so much.
    Good luck with your new venture…!

    • Thank you Jim. Old age planning is no fun but I’m a sensible sort of chap at heart so it needed to be sorted and it’s unfortunate that it requires the boat to be sold. Glad to hear you will continue to watch the videos, cheers!

  16. When seized by The Giant Hand, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Good on you for shaking hands with the seizure as so many folk will say “I wish I’d done this” or “wish I’d done that” or “you’re lucky” etc., etc., etc.. We’re all faced with opportunities, self made or otherwise, that we have to evaluate and decide on how we wish to deal with them. If it transpires to be a good outcome – that’s a win; if it’s a less than good outcome – it’s not much of a win but gives us a further opportunity to re-evaluate the situation. Sitting complacently on one’s backside and pondering the “might have beens” doesn’t achieve anything, as you have obviously worked out. I will continue to enjoy your Vlogs and look forward to seeing how that Giant Hand pans out. Regards Steve

    • Hi Steve, thank you. Certainly buying a house for my old age is not the most thrilling of ‘giant hand’ moments in my life but it does make a lot of sense to me, albeit at the cost of selling the boat. I hope I can continue to turn out videos that people find interesting! Regards, David

  17. David, we’ve enjoyed every episode of cruising the cut and feel like you are a good friend, speaking to us personally. You are definitely doing the right thing. We will continue to watch your vlogs with enthusiasm as we also enjoy travelling on the canals. We wish you all the best with your move and look forward to watching again soon.

  18. Completely understand. Fozes Afloat is buying a farm and now you’re selling out. Seems strange that some of the people who sold us on the dream of the canal life are giving it up! I understand being a restless soul, I’m the same way I refer to it as being an “uphil guy” , The journey somewhere is always more fun and rewarding than the destination. Wish you luck and looking forward to your future videos

    • I’m not “selling out” on anything. I’ve had 6.5 years on the boat and it’s been absolutely great. I would likely continue too if it wasn’t for looking far ahead to my future, as explained in the video.

  19. You were never alone on the boat trips. We were always there with you, even though you couldn’t see us (that sounds creepy!). And I totally understand the introvert description you gave, that’s me to a T. It sounds like you are really looking forward to this next adventure in your life. Wishing you all the best and I am excited about your future documented travels. Cheers!

  20. None of your ideas are terrible. I think you are doing absolutely the right things. Congratulations and well done for have the courage to make changes and move forward. And thank you for continuing with Cruising the Cut. As an expat stuck in Kansas, I depend on you, your voice, your ideas, your explanations, your experiences etc. etc. A million best wishes from across the Pond.
    Cheers, Te

  21. A little sad you are leaving your lovely boat but your reasons are perfectly sound , I shall carry on watching and very much enjoying every video you make and I can always go back to the very beginning ( again) for a cruising fix Good luck with your future plans .

    • Cheers Moira, I’m hoping in a short while as the videos continue that people won’t even remember I sold my boat!!

  22. You are not losing a boat, you are expanding your horizons. I am looking forward to your future videos, even though I may never get to England. I have enjoyed the technical videos that you have presented and also the “people” interviews. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the future.

  23. It sounds to me like you are excited about what is ahead, whereas your current situation didn’t provide a spark any more. Call it a big hand (a fabulous idea btw) or intuition, you have learned who you are and know how to follow your own instincts. I salute you and look forward to your future adventures.

  24. My boat is 18’ long, a ‘bass boat’ based here in Georgia USA. However although our boats as vastly different I REALLY enjoyed your shows. It was great that you let us all ‘ride with you’ and learn along with you when you first acquired your canal boat.
    Thank you! I look forward to whatever comes next.

  25. I LOVED getting to know you better through this video! Thank you for sharing. I can totally relate to being an introvert who likes to be with a few other people in certain situations. Large groups… not so much. Not at all, in fact.

    P.S. If you’re ever in the U.S., you’re welcome to visit. I’m in the SW corner of Missouri. We can even house you, no charge! You’d have your own little apartment with private bath. Right off the living area is a big deck facing a woods. No canal, though.

    We’re nice people, I promise. :)

  26. I wish you the best of luck. Look forward to seeing your videos wherever you go.

  27. Congratulations on moving on to whatever you decide to do next. Thanks for keeping up the channel, the unique tours and canal info were always my favorite parts!

    • Thanks – yes absolutely the channel continues!

      • Fair play to you and thank you for all that you have done for the world of ‘the cut’… without you we would never have ended up with our bespoke chimney! All the best

        • Hahaha ah that’s good to hear! Cheers

          • Hi David,

            I tried to post my own connect but it wouldn’t let me
            So I’m taking advantage of Clive, sorry Clive!
            I’ve loved your series, I had no idea about nature boating
            until a friend of mine turned me on to it. We are always talking
            about hitting one for a month.
            Back to you! Watching the videos of you explaining why
            you decided to sell the boat, I feel like I’m watching a make version of myself. An introvert who wants to be social, so happy
            to be at home in solitude after a night out with friends.
            Itching to change my life every five years or so. I have a camper van and plan on doing more traveling in the USA. I also plan on visiting England having always been drawn there and not knowing why. My father always said we were German and Swedish, come to find out after he passed I am more English
            and Irish and there are many Thorn’s in certain areas of England.
            If like to go there to see if there are any relatives..
            I can get much relate to the “age” issue you are feeling, maybe you just needed a companion but again maybe like me you don’t want them around all the time. Lol.

          • Thank you, yes I like company sometimes but also am hugely relieved to be on my own again afterwards!

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