Bonus Video: Huddle Up!

Very much a quick bonus video, this is a compilation of shots taken at the bi-annual Huddlesford Heritage event, a fundraiser for the Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Trust, to give you the flavour of the day.

Vlog 302: They Think It’s All Over

Welcome to the edge-of-your-seat finale of the marathon BCN Challenge 2023, where narrowboaters compete to see who can cover most of the Birmingham Canal Network in 24 hours.

Vlog 281: The Self-Preservation Society

The Wooden Canal Boat Society in Ashton-under-Lyne is a wonderful group of enthusiasts who not only renovate and bring new life to decaying ancient wooden narrowboats but also provide valuable services to the local community. And, curiously, the boats have been restoring the volunteers as well.

Vlog 187: Digging Deep

A few weeks ago, I cruised past what remains of the Lichfield canal, now used by the Lichfield Cruising Club, and mentioned that the canal is under restoration. In this vlog I’ve been to meet the team who are heading up that restoration and see the scale of the works underway.

Vlog 179: Boat Selecta

Having reached the end of the Ashby canal there is no choice but to turn around and rewind, going back the way you came. Having already documented the journey up in several videos, I compacted much of the return trip into this one, ending up back at Trinity Marina where I stopped again while I went to the Crick Show.