Vlog 301: Challenge Accepted!

#AD Visit ABC Leisure at www.abclg.com or call 0330 333 0590 for everything to do with canal boats.

Every year, the Birmingham Canal Navigations Society (BCNS) hosts the 24-hour BCN Challenge – actually 30 hours long but you have to take 6 for rest. The aim is to cover as much of the 100-mile BCN as possible, without breaking the speed limit, and accruing bonus points for reaching extra-tricky locations. This is my account of being a passenger on the 2023 Challenge.

Visit (and join!) the BCNS at www.bcnsociety.com

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  1. It is with regret that I am unsubscribing from your channel and believe I am not alone. The reason is that I cannot reconcile your ethos, as stated by you previously, with your now being sponsored by a large company. I feel this is detrimental to the real independants such as Kates Boats, Chas Harden , Cheshire Cat and all the others. These are companies steeped in canal history and need to have access to the vloggers such as yourself not the “Engulf and Devour” megoliths. This is in my view is the wrong way to progress as such large organisations have unfeasable balance sheets in the long run, which can effect us all. See Thames Water.


    Bruce Jackson

    • I’ve no idea what “ethos” you’re referring to but cheerio. Those other companies are very welcome to sponsor me if they like, they have as much access as anyone else. Note that the sponsorship does not give that company any editorial control over my videos, the content remains 100% my own choice and own direction; it’s simply a promotion for that business at the start of a video that would exist anyway.

  2. Barry Woodhouse

    Interesting as per usual David. And I’m assuming that you were scoffing a lovely strong cheese sandwich!

  3. Awesome video! I never knew there were so many canals around Birmingham!

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