Vlog 155: The End is Nigh

After several weeks, at last I embarked on the final leg of my autumn 2018 cruise along the Grand Union canal, the return stretch taking me from Blisworth, through Gayton, Weedon, Norton Junction and ultimately to Braunston.

Video includes me singing, please exercise appropriate caution.
Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/cQ9ucNABzvR2
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/8fRdTS3Y6ft

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  1. michael a horton

    when do we get next season

  2. Michael Higgins

    Oh! This one was chock-full of so many beautiful scenes! I loved the pastoral sheep and the Braunston area was exceptionally beautiful. I need to mention that I was quite surprised at your crooning ability David . . . if Old Blue Eyes were still alive, you could easily have been the Warn Up Band for Sinatra ! ;)

  3. I didn’t see this question in the FAQ, so asking here. When you plan your trips is there a map of the canal system that shows the locks and turn-around locations that you use? Is the entire canal system connected so you could take a really long trip?

  4. Been following your “life change” since it began, I really like the professionalism of your presentations, as well as your comments. I am originally a Brit but since 1972 have lived in Johannesburg. As an engineer I appreciate the technical aspects of your narrow boat and the concomitant infrastructure you are able to draw upon. I also followed Vandemonium again very interesting. I spent most of August in the UK this year and even found it too hot some days. But I don’t miss the cold. Keep up the lovely vlogs, already looking for #156 ;-)

  5. Your comment about difficulties interpreting hand waves / signals is spot on. Last month while I was thawing out in the galley and my crew member handled the tiller I heard her say to someone “there’s plenty of room” and looked out the window to see a very large old-style wooden hull passing us with perhaps 20 cm clearance. To the credit of one of the tiller folk (probably the more experienced one), there were no bumps! This “close call” resulted from a miscommunication via hand signals about who should proceed first through a bridge hole. As I commented later, such challenges are what narrowboat cruising is all about!

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