Vlog 155: The End is Nigh

After several weeks, at last I embarked on the final leg of my autumn 2018 cruise along the Grand Union canal, the return stretch taking me from Blisworth, through Gayton, Weedon, Norton Junction and ultimately to Braunston.

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Vlog 135: Damsels in Distress

When I received a panicked phone call from The Narrowboat Experience, who were stuck half way up the Grand Union canal and just too tired to carry on, of course I had to help. So I jumped into my car, shot off to Whilton Marina and ran down the towpath to find Anna and Kath, and give them the benefit of my extensive canal and locking experience and wisdom. This is the record of the day.

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Vlog 1: How I Came To Be Buying A Narrowboat…

Here’s my first video ‘blog, describing how I came to be in the market for a narrowboat on which to cruise the UK’s canal network and hopefully take life easy for a bit.

It’s a tale of mid-life crisis, near-purchase of a campervan, and a calender from the RNLI.

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