Vlog 69: Silent Running

With many thanks to Alan and Wendy for letting me on board, this is another video where I peek into other boaters’ craft – but also, this particular narrowboat has a fairly rare type of engine set up, being a hybrid diesel-electric.

Here’s a link to the hybrid engine supplier: www.hybrid-marine.co.uk

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  1. hi david
    might it be possible to ask alan about the power usage when he is on e-motor?
    what is the max speed he can reach and the powerconsumption ?(is it possible to use the lynch-motor(thats the brand of his e-motor) on river)

    david i enjoy your vlog very much.

    • The maximum permitted speed on the canal is 4mph anyway so it can’t go faster. I’ll ask Alan to chip in here if he has time.

  2. Very interesting electric set up. Did Alan happen to mention the range he gets using the electric motor? Has he compared efficiencies between both systems, ie amount of diesel per kilometer using diesel motor versus amount of diesel used to recharge the batteries while using electric?

    • Not in miles but he tends to do half a day cruising on electric and then use diesel in the afternoon to recharge. He also tops up from the shoreline when at the marina.

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