Vlog 313: Hip-Hip Hoo Wrey!

It’s 18 months since I sold my canal boat, “Wreyland”, but I’ve just been back to see what the new owner has done with it – and it’s had quite the makeover!

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  1. Always admired your old map. Don’t think the new Minimal List version is anything like as good.

    Other than that enjoyed the video, good to see your old boat getting a new lease of life.

  2. Impressive! What sort of engine did this bad boy come with, and what engine is being installed?

  3. Very interesting David. I did wonder what happened to your old boat. I hate to think what it all cost!
    What did they do with the diesel tank?
    Operating your old boat again, did that make you think about at some time in the future going back to the water?
    Take care young man.
    Biggles in the Fens.

    • It’s not feasible for me to return to living and cruising afloat at present, for various reasons. The diesel tank remained to supply the heater (and potentially a generator in future)

  4. Great to see Expert Gary again. Always liked that Christmas Vlog


  5. David Oickle (Canada)

    Jolly good Vlog!

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