Vlog 272: Going Underground

Opened originally in 1811, the Standedge (pronounced “Stannedge”, apparently) canal tunnel is a legendary boating experience at 5km (3.5m) long and hundreds of feet underground. I was lucky enough to join narrowboaters on a Pennine Cruise organised by the Huddersfield Canal Society as they went through this amazing tunnel.

Huddersfield Canal Society: https://huddersfieldcanal.com
Standedge Tunnel CRT website: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/places-to-visit/standedge-tunnel-and-visitor-centre
Start point (Diggle): https://goo.gl/maps/nkwgyvQua2c5a9HCA
End point (Marsden): https://g.page/Standedge

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  1. Angela the Kiwi

    Great Vlog David – do you still like eating cheese sandwich s? Keep safe on the cut ! And keep the Vlogs coming cheers dude!

  2. Great to see an amazing piece of our waterways engineering history revived & resurrected in the reopening of what IS even by today’s standards a truly phenomenal undertaking..
    Proof that EVERYTHING back in the day was built to last.. unlike today it seems..
    Works such as this can never be forgotten & consigned to the history books alone..
    Fantastic docu vlog and kudos to all of those involved in the renovation & continuing maintenance works required.
    Thank for the time & usual dedication & professionalism you put into all of your productions David.

    Kindest regards
    Daren Henley

  3. Great vlog David, thank you. I should imagine that would be quite daunting as a solo passage maker.

    • It’s OK since you have the CRT guide aboard – what’s worse as a solo boater are the many, many locks before (and indeed after) the tunnel!

  4. Barry Woodhouse

    Without any doubt David your best vlog ever! What an amazing tunnel. We think we’re clever, but how on earth those men built it before mechanisation is beyond me! Perhaps a future idea for a vlog is how some of these tunnels were surveyed, planned and built? Absolutely incredible – and I’m not easily impressed! Well done young man.

  5. Very cool, but I couldn’t do this tunnel. :-) I got vertigo just watching the
    roof go by. :-) Good job. Awesome the work they did to get this going.

  6. What a truly amazing piece of construction work notwithstanding the time it was carried out and the facilities available at the time. As for the Leggers – incredible! Thanks for that, David – fascinating watch!

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