Vlog 217: Not a vlog at all

A “slow TV” (real-time) bow-camera recording of the trip from Kings Orchard Marina at Lichfield to Fradley Junction on June 21st 2020. No music, all natural sound (intentionally, don’t ask me to put music on these; I never will). Recorded on a DJI Osmo Action as an experiment instead of my usual Sony AX33.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/AGKz8eFdQkaYXfsL8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/JDMPpoV5zhKdYRw89

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  1. William James Romey

    Wonderful Vlog! The slow TV is fabulous…Very interesting character with high energy & enthusiasm. Hard not to be drawn in to the musings…but the slow TV is truly superb! Be Well-Healed

  2. elliott mitchell

    I wanted to ask about isolation while living on a canal boat. have you found since your change of life style you have felt more isolated to less. having to move constantly a mile or two at a time what are the pros and cons of this life style . obviously living In a marina would be very different or life on the road sorry canal I would have thought could be challenging .

    • I certainly miss the daily interactions with my colleagues at work (I had a very pleasant office with lovely friends there) but you can be as isolated or not as you want on the boat really; there are lots of other boaters to chat to and passers-by on the towpath. Or you can pay to stay at marinas where there are usually lots of folk about.

  3. I’m an American interested in having a narrowboat built. I’m looking for a consultant to assist with navigating the minefield of design, build, outfit, etc. Just finding a quality builder while not in-country seems difficult. Any thoughts? Are you interested? If not could you refer someone?

    • Not something I could help with really but what you’ll find is the builders themselves will give huge amounts of assistance in terms of design decisions and so on. Very difficult, as you say, to choose one and commit to such a large sum of money while not able to visit them (and unfortunately, that is one of the key pieces of advice I’d give usually, which is to visit several and choose one you get on with (provided also your research about them suggests nothing untoward, of course)).

      Maybe have a chat with the folk at https://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/ – I know Aintree Boats use them for their design work but I have never had any contact with them myselves; they’re simply the only design people I know of.

      Whichever company you choose to fit the boat, do check where they get their hulls from (some build them themselves, others buy in) as there are good and less good hull builders too (search the forums for people’s experiences)

  4. Thank you very much for this. Due to the obvious we will be missing our 12th narrowboat holiday from the USA this September. Watching was almost as relaxing as being on the after deck with the tiller in hand. Not needing to break out the rain gear was a plus. You might find this interesting for your “other sorts of boats” series. We are thinking of giving this a try on America’s most historic canal. It is quite a bit different than the English canals, but the boats are patterned after a narrowboat.


  5. Stuart H Warren

    would help keep your lens clear in the rain.
    Or rain-x but I don’t know if Rain-x is compatible with the lens material and I would hate to find out if it wasn’t…
    $25 for two pieces of gorilla glass with acquaphobic coatings to put on the existing lens and display screen. Any water or mud, etc, slides off with gravity.

  6. David,
    Thank you for this. It’s playing on my 2nd monitor while I try to work on my first!

    Lesley Nyborg

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