Vlog 207: Slow TV on the Macc

This is a real time recording from the bow of my narrowboat from when I cruised up the Macclesfield canal in September 2019, from Hall Green stop lock, through Congleton, to near Bridge 65. Towards the end there’s a bit of a pause while I waited for another boat to come through two bridges close together but I do move on again after that for a bit before finally coming to a halt.

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/gQnozFNnsQsz5L9y8
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/yBBRZjGqpBqg7bdG9

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  1. Having watched both seasons, the one thing i missed seeing ,as a sailor myself, was the act of tying up to the shore line or dock. Singlehanded boaters have to be creative when mooring or tying up, and i would have liked to have seen your technique.

    • Cheers Bill – but therein lies the issue. Because I’m single-handed, it’s awkward to film what I’m doing, since I need to get the boat secured rather than set up a camera on a tripod, angle the shot etc. The good thing on a canal is that unless another boat is coming past or the wind’s blowing, there’s largely no movement so the boat stays where it is while you run a line from the stern through the mooring chain and back to the bollard on the back (ditto for the bow)

  2. We have watched both of the Amazon Prime Narrow Boat subject video series. Your’s seems less “goal” or mission oriented allowing you to be more relaxed and able to explore off vessel more at more frequent stops, all of which my wife and I prefer. I do hope the release on Amazon Prime is providing an additional revenue stream which keeps more episodes coming. I would like to hear more about your solar performance. I would also like to hear more about that diesel fired central heating system you have. Being from Florida USA it doesn’t take much for us to feel the cold.

    Karen and I live on a 46 foot Morgan Center Cockpit sailboat in Florida USA. We will both be retired by mid 2020. We are outfitting S/V Enough for Europe and plan to move the vessel there in the not to distant future. BREXIT will make us meeting up in the future more problematic but anything is possible. We will summer in Ireland and Holland and move to the Med for the winter.

    • Hi. Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoy them. I have started uploading Season Two onto Amazon now, episodes will go online very gently over the coming weeks. I rarely use the diesel heating, I keep the boat warm with the wood stove (though I burn coal). The diesel heater mainly gets used to heat the domestic water for showers etc.

      The solar is great, it provides everything I need from Spring to mid-Autumn but is useless in winter but then I moor in a marina with a shoreline. I did have some days this last year which were so miserable, weather-wise, that it didn’t put enough power in for me to run the laptop but everything else still ran OK, fridge etc.

      Your plan sounds amazing, hope you have a great time.

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