194a Not A Vlog: Slow TV, Caldon Canal

This is a BONUS VIDEO; not one of my regular vlogs. It is a real-time recording of a narrowboat journey on the Caldon canal from the water point near the Black Lion Inn to the western portal of Froghall tunnel.

It is deliberately natural sound only, no music or commentary. For commentary, see my vlog videos. For music, turn a radio on.

Another of the usual vlogs will be along shortly, in the fullness of time, when I get around to it.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/gHavxps42mDGRjup8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/buUCCcRaeq4cRekK7

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  1. The mysterious little container left behind by the previous owners, which had a little pumper sticking out the top is called an “atomizer”, which is used for spraying house plants with a fine mist. You mentioned it while the boat was still out of the water. Your videos are great… professional.

  2. Lovely vlogs! What a shame you couldn’t make it under the bridge into Froghall Basin…a beautiful place to moor up and with Hetty’s Teashop only recently opened; all the historic lime kilns and wonderful walks to experience. The steam railway goes alongside much of the Caldon in season and is a spectacular sight!

  3. Thank you. While I love,love your vlogs this was spectacular. Han my morning coffee while quietly enjoying your natural sounds.

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