Vlog 194: Going to the Frogs

Having stocked up with provisions at Endon I carried on down the Caldon canal, stopping briefly to empty the loo and top up the boat’s water tank then going to Denford where the canal splits into two branches. I took the Froghall branch which soon after runs underneath the Leek branch. It gets very dense, there are deep locks, a heritage railway and I bumped into Aussie Boater as well as going past a historic mill.

Cheddleton Flint Mill: www.cheddletonflintmill.com/
Aussie Boater: www.youtube.com/channel/UCjCxO8yp0_VF0zaiQQF3hJw

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/vDF1GK4uRMAHqTsEA
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/buUCCcRaeq4cRekK7

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  1. Peter snbWilloughby

    I read your vlog with great pleasure – thanks so much.
    We have always found the Caldon a really special cruise with a superb experiance of rural/industrial history – a real dip in the past – sorry you didn’t seem to enjoy it as we did.
    Our visit to the pub you passed in our early cruising days was quite an experience – We arrived to find a lady with a pekinese dog enjoying a fine Lancashire Hotpot – Mine Host “explained” I’m sorry we don’t do food and we’ve run out of nuts and crisps.
    I’m pleased to report that subsequent visits have been much, much, more hospitipal

  2. Your recent travels seem to cover some of the more neglected canals. Some of them hardly seem usable… is this intentional on your part… are you trying to raise awareness of the disrepair of some areas? If so do you think it will do any good with the “powers that should be”?

    • It’s all the same canal – the Caldon – and there was no agenda on my part to highlight it, it’s just one I haven’t been on before so I wanted to see what it was like as many people said it was so beautiful. Cheers.

  3. This canal is quite unique and unusual. I love to see the vintage cranes still remain and the Mill looks like an interesting tour. The drone footage really adds to your Vlog, I’m sure most viewers will enjoy this new added element David ;) Thanks for this one.

  4. David, love your Vlogs. However, as a fellow boater who knows the Caldon quite well, surprised that you have failed to experience the Black Lion Pub at Consal Forge. This is one of the best typical country pubs in the whole of the UK!
    Please stop by one your way back. I am also a retired media person!!

    • Hi! Cheers but I’m long past it now, that was filmed mid-September. I don’t tend to stop at the pubs on my own, I only go in when friends are visiting and that’s rare.

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