185A. Not a Vlog: realtime cruising

No, this is NOT a vlog. Hence the title. No, there is no commentary, that’s deliberate. No, it wouldn’t be “better with music”. This video will not be for everyone – they never are – but for those who enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted slow TV from the bow of a canal boat: enjoy!

From Tamhorn House Bridge to Fradley Junction on the Coventry Canal, July 2019.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/HX9TnmdTgHKaAoJ86
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/tVDGVxhh46Dsm1xq5

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  1. Bev Bushman Jennings

    Perfect video to relax with – to calm the inner self. Thank you.

  2. I have recently discovered your posts via YouTube on my TV. I’ve watch many of the Cruising DIY and van conversion videos, in spite of not being the least bit handy. I enjoy your fireside chats and guests, but my favorites are the “Not a vlog” episodes. I would love to subscribe on YT or by Google, but my accounts are decades old and I can’t sign in to do so because user names and passwords have gone the way of names of long ago friends and where I put my car keys when I came home. You have a fan in Southern California.

  3. Another lovely “Not a vlog”. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy them.

    I must say that the traffic noise was a bit overpowering in places, but I suppose that’s just one of the downsides of canal travel.

    And what happened at bridge 88? A slight misjudgement in the steering perhaps?

    • Ah, at that bridge I was partly staring at the house and its garden instead of concentrating on the bridge but also, unusually that bridge narrows into the canal on both sides (usually it’s just the towpath side) so I wasn’t expecting anything on the left side of the boat – but there is… so I side swiped it.

  4. Marney & Greg Ryan

    We became patrons just recently and after watching all your vlogs, we are now interested in buying a boat–maybe, maybe not–but found the above listed of a 57 ft. boat. Where on your vlogs would we find information on what is best to know about a used boat for sale? Again, we are from Minnesota in the U.S.

    • Hi. Have a look at vlog 66 – 68 inclusive, also a smattering of my very early vlogs (starting from number 1) when I was buying my own boat. Plus vlogs 127 & 77 for buying from a broker. Cheers

  5. Here in the USA we can (with the appropriate lighting and generally in safe areas and out of major traffic lanes) sit at anchor overnight in rivers … Is that possible in England’s canal and river system ???

    • It wouldn’t really be feasible or necessary on the canals; you simply pull into the (towpath) side on the canal and tie to the bank either on metal armco or pins into the ground. If you didn’t pull into the side, you’d be in the way as the canals are so narrow. Plus the canals are only a few feet deep and largely silt on top of a solid clay base so anchoring wouldn’t work, I don’t think. As for the rivers, I honestly don’t know.

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