Vlog 166: The Shopping Forecast

There’s nothing finer than looking around other people’s narrowboats so join me on this quest to find another narrowboat (as mentioned a couple of vlogs ago). Or not, as the case may be.

The boats (links active at the time of posting them):

  1. Kizzie: https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/amber-58-cruiser-stern/593675
  2. Jessop: https://abnb.co.uk/boat_pages/3433web/3433abnb.php?BoatID=3433

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  1. Paul Whitehouse, Johannesburg

    David that Gardner engine really has a wonderfully unique tone to it :-)

  2. I too, really loved the second boat David. About the only thing that stuck out as a negative, was no room to install a washing machine. Oh . . . and the bathtub/shower was to me, a real plus! I’m wondering and perhaps you could comment, regarding the engine; Would this vintage engine pose any special problems in maintaining, or would it be quite similar to maintain as a modern engine?

    • A lot of these older engines are very reliable (provided they’re not basket-cases) and will go on thumping away with few issues provided they’re given clean oil every now and then. Many still have parts available too. It depends to an extent how much you’re willing to fettle them but they’re generally very uncomplicated so in that sense easy to maintain I believe.

      • I appreciate your detailed reply David. It sounds like, so long as parts are available, these engine pose no real special problems then. I am an Aircraft Mechanic by profession and do engine changes on Boeing and Airbus aircraft, I think I would possess the skill to maintain these beautiful robust little engine. I wish you the very best David in your quest to find that next boat in your future.

  3. Hi David ~ Enjoyed the vlog post as always. Here’s what we’re up to this year :

    (1) Trans-Atlantic cruise – Ft. Lauderdale to Civitavecchia – Apr 7 to 20.

    (2) Cast about in Italy, Spain and France – Apr 20 – May 3.

    (3) Step aboard Voyageur – Willow Marina near Stowe Hill Wharf – May 3

    (4) Cruise South & West, then North – London / Reading / Bath / Oxford / Wolverhampton / Nantwich / Aqueduct Marina – Oct 25.

    (5) Fly back to the States – Oct 29 .

  4. Cruising for 3 months! My jealousy knows no bounds. On an unrelated question, do you know which of the currently fallow canals are the closest to being restored to navigability?

    • Hi. Sorry, I have no idea really which ones. Some of the canals have bits of them that are re-watered but need more dug out to reconnect them to the rest. Some are total restorations. I’ve not really got enough knowledge of the various schemes to anwer the query :-(

      • My wife and I are toying with the idea of going on a working vacation on one of the canal restorations and was wondering which was the closest. It would be nice to float by one day and say ” we worked on this bit”

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