Vlog 166: The Shopping Forecast

There’s nothing finer than looking around other people’s narrowboats so join me on this quest to find another narrowboat (as mentioned a couple of vlogs ago). Or not, as the case may be.

Vlog 134: An American Tale

In the last Competition vlog, I mentioned that a lot of the viewers to this channel are overseas and I often get asked if foreigners can own narrowboats. The answer is “yes” and in this video I talk to an American couple who’ve done just that and are about to set off on their canal travels.

Vlog 127: To buy or not to buy

What do narrowboat brokers do and should you use one, either to sell or buy a boat? These questions and more are answered in a sit-down interview with James Millsop of brokerage firm Rugby Boats, based at Stowe Hill Wharf in Weedon, Northamptonshire.

Vlog 1: How I Came To Be Buying A Narrowboat…

Here’s my first video ‘blog, describing how I came to be in the market for a narrowboat on which to cruise the UK’s canal network and hopefully take life easy for a bit.

It’s a tale of mid-life crisis, near-purchase of a campervan, and a calender from the RNLI.