Vlog 83: Lister Better

It’s time for my 2017 Grand Tour to begin! Firstly I had to put in to Hillmorton Wharf for a fix of my leaking fuel pipes on the boat’s Lister Petter LPWS4 engine, then it was off – very gently – to Braunston. This’ll be a bit of an amble for the first few days as I’m scheduled to meet someone at Kilby near Leicester in the middle of the month.

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  1. Greetings David, I’ve just “binge-watched” ALL your vlogs and the last one was the “News Report” from earlier this month, a brilliant top-off to a magical AND informative series. Well done, you! I live in the US and have always fancied this lifestyle…you are an inspiration. Three quick questions:
    1) Do you know of any restrictions that would prevent an American purchasing one of these boats for a year or two of on-board living? (just in terms of the narrowboat world)
    2) Does a boat’s name stay with the boat or can it be changed when a new owner comes along? Follow-up: are the names registered with any organization?
    3) would you consider doing a vlog sometime about the various kinds of paint jobs you see on the boats whilst you are cruising? Perhaps demos of the range from super simple to extravagant traditional to wildly creative (if there are any in your travels)?
    Thanks so much in advance. Yours is the ONLY Youtube project to which I’ve subscribed!

    • Hi. So pleased you enjoy the videos. In answer to your questions:
      1. there are no restrictions that I am aware of, anyone can buy one.
      2. You can change the name. The canal and river trust needs to know the name for the boat’s licence but you just tell them what it is and they update their record.
      3. That relies on me finding suitable paint jobs to film. It would also need more than just a passing shot or two so it would probably require the owners to tell me about it etc. For those reasons, it’s unlikely (albeit not impossible) to be a vlog anytime soon as it would be a big job. Cheers!

      • Thanks so much for the reply. Re:

        item 1) oh good, I can still dream, then!
        item # 3 could possibly be a good winter project whilst visiting a marina or two for examples. Or when you are at a show/gathering… with careful editing to keep privacy standards, of course. just a thought from a curious visitor.

        I’m so pleased to have found your vlog, I love the creative yet practical approach you always bring to each episode both in terms of content and production. Cheers.

  2. Is your solar taking care of all your power needs during this sunny spell or are you having to supplement with engine running. Great VLOG

  3. Ah ! Braunston again ! That was where I and my family set off from for our circular tour up and under Snow Hill Station and on to Spag junction where we tied up to take my daughters to see where I was born just a mil eor so away. (That was Gravelly Hill and the 78 tram into Brum in my day !) then on to Coventry and back roun to Braunston. Oh…. happy days !
    Took an 8mm film of it and used it to explain navigation by blown spume from sewage works,- how to dispose of unwanted puppies,used rubber gloves,-and the tons of stuff collected by props as you go- Oh, – and how to free the hull of gunk oil discharged into the cut which sticks like glue !!
    Yes…. those were the days….. and aren’t you lucky now
    Best wishes for a lovely cruising season.
    Frank Holmes

  4. It looked very peaceful on the canal and I always love the views of the animals and countryside you show. The weather is being very kind to us all but still a bit cool in the wind especially near water.

  5. Enjoyed the peace, especially the peeling of the bells.
    Love your vlogs.

  6. Roberta Stanger

    Always enjoy your vlogs. The scenery is lovely. California girl

  7. Cool. Hope your trip goes well.

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