Vlog 65: Mehr Boot!

This is part 2 of my extensive narrow boat tour; for part 1, click here

In this video I cover the bathroom (“head”), bedroom and then the engine room. The latter takes up the bulk of the video so to skip straight to that bit, go to 8’50”

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  1. Loved your 2 engine sound interpretations. Have you thought about doing sound effect?

  2. Mr trapped in the rat race.

    Thoroughly enjoyed all of your videos.
    I have a few ideas that you might want to take onboard (pun intended)
    An LED bulb for your headlight thingy should bring up the lumens consiably and you’ll actually be able to see where you’re going in the tunnels.
    They’re relatively inexpensive in Halfords but the internet is your best bet for a bargain, try and stay with the trusted brands such as Phillips or Orsam as some of the lesser copies are just a waste of earths resources and money.

    Also adding a couple of brass louvre vents under the bed should deal with the airflow issue.
    Fitting it on the draws itself or vertically between the draws.
    These are both relatively inexpensive upgrades that are easy enough to do yourself and it will give you an excuse to make another video.

    Good luck with your travels and happy boating.

  3. I am disappointed that this video does not provide closed captioning (subtitles) like the other videos you have put on YouTube.

  4. Very thorough and detailed, thank you for a quite interesting 43 minutes listening with a cuppa.
    I’m an old boatie, well a salt water cruiser (home built), so I was intrigued by especially the engine part of your video, and enjoyed that the most.
    I noticed that your stern gland studs appeared to be galvanised, as does the weed hatch stud, so perhaps a thought for the next major maintenance out-of-the-water job might be to replace them with stainless equivalents; Just a thought of mine.
    Thanks for the great work on this video though, one of your best I reckon.

  5. SO interesting and detailed … as with all your vlogs. You obviously have a very ‘tidy’ knowledge of your boat and it’s workings even though you state you are no expert. I am as far removed from canaling as you could get but found both ‘Das Boot’ and ‘Mehr’ Boot’ totally absorbing. I noted you now have a bandage on your rather blackened thumb. Did you do yourself some serious damage? Thanks once again for great viewing. Cheers Pw

    • I hit the thumb with mooring implements, very hard, as I was falling backwards onto a pontoon :-( The nail is now starting to come off.

  6. Hi David,

    Really enjoying your vlogs :) They have become quite addictive. You have such a good presentation style, anyone would think you had some sort of training and experience in such things ;)

    Coming to the subject as a “naive” narrowboater, doing your research and then passing on your experiences is a really worthwhile thing to do. Thank you very much!

    I have hired narrowboats on and off from the mid 1970s and tok the plunge to buy a boat back in July/August. The 17 year old boat boat we bought is lovely, but we need to replace the comfortable easy chairs in the open saloon and really liked the look of the ones you purchased a while ago. Can you tell us where you bought them from?

    Thanks in advance, Ronnie.

    • Haha, thank you. I bought them from Harveys (the furniture store) but DON’T do that! I only discovered after buying them that the exact same chairs can be bought from Amazon for £50 less per chair. Here’s a link to them: http://amzn.to/2euqZTc

      They’re a bit of a pain to put together and one of them had a faulty side which meant it simply couldn’t be assembled – a hole was a few mm out – but once that was all sorted, they’re very nice I think.


  7. Hi, really enjoyed latest vlog (boat tour PART 2). One observation i made. You go to great lengths to keep your engine bay clean and dry and shows. Have you thought about getting a custom made container to fit under your stern gland to catch any residule water. Thinking along the lines of something v shaped which would hug the contour of your stern.

    • I would indeed quite like a better-shaped container but the old washing-up bowl does the job so until I find something (cheap) that fits better, I’ll leave it “as is”. Cheers!

  8. David,
    Thanks for the second half of the boat tour. I particularly enjoyed the extensive look at the engine bay, because, well, I’m a geek! I was wondering if in your canal travels have you ever run across a narrowboat with a hybrid engine setup, and if so, what you thought of them?
    Thanks again,

    • There are a couple on the network I believe but they’re not extensive. I’ve never seen one (that I know of). I don’t know enough about their cost and efficiency to have an opinion on whether it’s worthwhile.

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