Vlog 64: Das Boot (part 1)

On August 23, 2015, I uploaded Vlog 4 – a tour of my newly purchased canal boat. It was out of the water, fresh from its prior owners and I hadn’t changed a thing. So now, 14 months later and after a year of living aboard, I present part 1 of a brand new, really really detailed look around the boat. I show what I’ve changed and what it’s like to be afloat today.

Stove fan review:

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  1. Jo Ann Bastanjoo

    I’ve just discovered your blog and must tell you how much I am enjoying your trips on the canals! So lovely and relaxing (for me, as I don’t have to mess with the locks!). As to cooking, everyone in the US seems to be using an Instant Pot, which is a pressure cooker, but has multiple other functions as well. Check out http://www.weretherussos.com blog–she cooks a lot of vegetarian meals–quinoa, veggies, etc.
    Keep cruising!!
    Jo Ann

    • Hello! Thanks for tuning in. Glad you enjoy the videos. I don’t really do any cooking, I just heat stuff up :-)

  2. Hi David, Im Enjoying the Vlogs and thank you for your response on marina hook up fees. Watching the part 1 vlog on your boat, and was wondering if you could get a streaming service on the TV,like Netflix, and I think you mentioned before you were going to put a tv in the bedroom, was it possible?
    Rob Burford

    • Yes, if you have a 4G mobile wifi device you can stream anything just as normal. I have a Google Chromecast in the back of my telly. It’s always possible to install a bedroom telly but I decided not to.

  3. Hi there David enjoying your vlog up to 38 now and very informative it is too . We live very near to Stourport on severn so would be good to see you chugging down here on one of now famed adventures .

  4. Nice one, looks much more homely now, those chairs look really good.
    A question, in your “stargate” ? cupboard we saw a glimps of your wi-fi
    thing, does it work there in the steel hull or do you use an external antenna if so what is it like, does it need turning like a TV antenna? Thanks again for a lovely professional presentation, good sound etc, your chosen career is being put to good use for all our benefit, thanks.

    • Where I’m moored at the moment the signal is so strong that it works in the cupboard. Generally out on the cut I have to pop it into the well deck (outside the steel tube). One of my early videos was all about how I get online, worth a look maybe. Cheers.

  5. David,
    I’ve been on Tara (my boat) for 18 months and like you could not be bothered with cooking until, whilst rummaging in the cupboard discovered an electric pressure cooker. Hearty stews with fresh ingredients ready in twenty minutes, I prepare enough food to last at least a couple of days.
    Highly recommended if your inept in the galley like me.

  6. David,
    Thanks for another great video, nice updated tour of the boat, which is looking good! The tour of the well deck provided an answer to a question I was going to ask on your coal stove video’s, what do you do with the ash from the stove. You pointed out the metal container in the well deck where the ash goes to cool. Another question pops into my head, is there a special disposal container along the canal for coal ash?
    Looking forward to the next vid and seeing the rest of the boat!

    • Not along the canal. The marina I used to be at had metal bins around which you emptied into and the groundsman then cleared those every few days. Where I am now I just have to collect a few days worth and put them into the everyday rubbish disposal once the ashes are cold. Around the canal I’ve been known to dump them under a hedge (which I was told was acceptable) but have since seen signs at Braunston saying not to do that so I’m not entirely sure what you’re supposed to do – maybe collect them up and dispose of at a C&RT waste point like normal rubbish maybe. Cheers

  7. Nice hair cut…..lol

    Took the puppy to the Nantwich marina today…as most canal places, very friendly….have no problem with your fire silver….but the red curtains? You live there, so it isn’t a problem for you, obviously, but I would have to change em to deep green….just for a stress free space.

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