Vlog 55: Davey Johns’ (gas) locker

Now back at Yelvertoft, my narrowboat gets taken out of the water so that I can tackle the rusty gas locker properly, using Fertan rust treatment followed by red oxide primer, bilge paint and then two coats of Intertuf 16 blacking for good measure.

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  1. Cpt Horatio Snert

    Looks like a very tidy job, should last awhile.
    That guy can sure handle a tractor and boat lift. must be difficult
    threading that round a boat to put it back in.

  2. Hi, will you be treating the rust bits on the boat with it being out of the water? Also…. does the marina charge per day with you being in dry dock rather than in the water?

    • Err yes, that’s what the video is about. There is a weekly charge for having the boat on the hardstanding.

      • cheers
        I like your videos – very chirpy and informative. Looking at getting into this but there’s so much to know beforehand its mindboggling!

        Is this a project for X years and then intending to move back onto land or do you think this is your new life now?

        Also last question, without a house (you sold it I think?) – what do you do regarding mail – is it sent to the marina?



        • I don’t know how long it’ll go on for – the plan was to do a year and take stock. It’s now coming up to a year and I’m likely to carry on for at least another one. Then I’ll see…

          I don’t moor permanently at the marina (I know it seems like I do!). While I was there I could get mail there but mostly I use a relative’s address.

  3. That’s very useful. I’ve got to do our engine bay and access will be difficult!

    • I don’t envy you that! I ought to do one side of my engine bay too but access is nigh on impossible, so I’m just keeping it as dry as possible and hoping for the best (granted, not the best strategy long term)

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