Vlog 12: Bring Out The Braunston

I was supposed to be taking the narrowboat to a winter mooring in Warwickshire but for reasons I explain in this video, I didn’t. Instead of cancelling the trip though – as I had invited a friend along to show me how to do canalboating properly – we went for a two-day cruise to Braunston. This is the video of that trip.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your excellent Vlogs. I am a 60 ish sailor/motorboater wanting to get jnto canal boating for about 4-8 weeks a year. It’s an interesting dilemma. Do I carry on hiring and benefit from the flexibility but put up with the £4k – £8k costs or do I buy a share in a boat from 12/12ths to 2/12ths if that makes sense.
    Working my way through your vlogs whilst exercising on my cross trainer is extremely helpful.
    Am I the only one with this problem?
    Keep up the good work and thank you again.

    • Hello. That is quite the dilemma, I agree, and it can only come down to how regularly you hire and to what extent you intend to continue doing so. I don’t know if you’ve yet found the vlog I did about share boating (though I don’t know if that would actually solve the problem!)

  2. Hi

    When filling your water tank you should let the water run for about 1 minute before putting the hose in the tank. Two reasons. First the water in the tap supply could have been standing for some time and secondly a hose pipe is an ideal bacteria breeding ground and one minute of flushing cleans it prior to tank filling.

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