Vlog 314: Tangerine Dream

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I was delighted to be invited to spend a day aboard a wonderfully quirky canal and river cruiser boat by Samantha Rigley whose adventures I follow on Instagram. Join us, in this video!

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  1. Fascinating subject for a video, thank you for sharing this.
    Watching these people with their wonderful GRPs, their community spirit etcetera, really reminded me of another video I saw on the Thames Tidal Trust’s YouTube channel called –
    Life Afloat – A History of the Floating Villages on London’s Tidal Thames.
    It’s a tad dated being filmed over 7 years ago, but still a great watch.

    Thanks again for sharing your day out, what an amazing woman, and I just love the colour of her little boat, one of a kind I bet

  2. Love this one. Good to see the simple joy that owning a boat can bring.

    I can see another series of videos in your future where you buy an older “project” GRP cruiser and refurbish it (rather like the early Vandemonium videos).

  3. Hi, I took my unusual GRP cruiser (a Trentcraft built at Sawley Bridge about 50 years ago) around Soar/Trent are during June. More info here: https://pthane.weebly.com/blog If you want a look at a bigger, but still narrow cruiser built of very thick GRP for canal use you’re welcome. I’ve just moved it from the Gt Ouse to Crick Wharf as I’m tired of battling up the Nene every summer when I want to go on tour! It’s a bit rough, partially refitted. I try to improve her every winter and go away all summer if possible. This summer two of the cabin floor boards failed due to wet rot (the prop shaft sprays water from the bilge under the boards so this winter’s job is new floor boards (and new string in the stuffing box on the prop shaft!) Details on my blog also in Canal Boat Oct 2023 and more due in December.

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