Vlog 312: Peace in a Pod

I was kindly invited aboard NB Tranquility to see its one-of-a-kind (on the canals) electric propulsion system as well as the many other technical features of this intriguing boat.

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  1. David,
    We are open water boaters and enjoy your programs.
    I am a marine canvas engineer and I make boat canvas products. we would love to see you show how boat covers are made on your side of the pond. Keep the programs coming and best wishes.

  2. Very interesting this, it’s a scaled down aquamaster unit. I work on these sometimes at work & they have there advantages for the shipbuilder, in that in does away with the shaftline, sterntube & rudder, & if its electrically driven, alignment also. The motors are normally inboard & drive through bevel gears allowing a smaller underwater casing. The only disadvantage i can see for canal applications is the propeller is vulnerable to damage compared to a conventional set up, no skeg or rudderTo offer protection.
    I maybe wrong, but i think this was filmed on the lower peak forest canal near ashton junction & portland basin

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