Vlog 307: Reservoir Vlogs

In July 2019, Toddbrook reservoir nearly breached which would have flooded the town of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire (not Yorkshire as I said in the video; oops). Today, repairs and reconstruction are well underway so I went along to have a look.

See my prior video about canal water by clicking here

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nukHWTXNQKrNcdCC6

With thanks again to @Petra1001uk for use of the “water spewing through the concrete” footage www.youtube.com/Petra1001uk

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  1. If they had maintained the spillway none of this would have happened.. inept management yet again.. make the reservoir keeper redundant & sell off the house, cut back on maintenance & let trees grow through the spill way.. i walk past this debacle most days & keep a boat on the peak forest canal.. yet again this year couln’t go anywhere because marple & bosley locks closed..i’m seriously considering giving up narrowboating.

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