Vlog 291A: The Rum Wench

I spent a day aboard The Pirate Boat with Captain Heidi; this is part 1 of two videos where we tour her boat and chat about her life afloat. Part 2 will be a cruise with her along part of the Llangollen canal.

See Heidi’s YouTube channel at TheNarrowboatPirate . Be warned: Heidi’s channel is VERY, VERY full of innuendo.

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  1. hi ,what is the name of the pot you make your soup in please it looks amazing. love watching the pirate wrench on utube.


  3. It is a BASON, a Sink is in the Kitchen. Get your names right please David.
    Even WW get it wrong, please don’t show ignorance.

    Bason in bathroom, Sink in Kitchen.

  4. Ah back to proper boating David. Looking forward to part two, but can I ask? Did Heidi say “nipple warmers” or was it my hearing? (Feel free to edit this question out!)
    As usual take care young man.

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