Vlog 284: Santa, Baby

A guide to some of the very many gifts you can buy from narrowboaters, hand-made or designed on their narrowboats on the canals of the UK.

“Argy Bargy”: https://biggiebros.square.site
Dru Marland’s canal maps and cards: https://etsy.com/uk/shop/DruMarland
Suzie Sue’s “iris folding” cards: https://www.facebook.com/suziesuescreations
Or via suziesuebarker@gmail.com
Nomadic Crafts macrame & woodwork: https://www.nomadiccrafts.co.uk/shop
The Beanie Boat hats, scarves and yarn: https://www.beanieboat.com ** 10% DISCOUNT CODE “CRUISE22” FOR MY VIEWERS! **
Floating Our Boat knitwear & paintings: https://www.floatingourboat.com/shop
Cruising The Cut t-shirts, caps, mugs etc: https://cruisingthecut.myspreadshop.net/

Technical note for nerds: yes, this was done against a green screen. Yes, I did forget I was going to hold up items to camera with green in them. Yes, this did lead to infinitely frustrating keying problems hence a bit of green fuzz here and there. Yes, I probably could have masked and tracked out all the offending issues but even with automation this would have taken days as I waved everything around so much. Let’s just let it be, eh?

Prior gift ideas video was number 234, Christmas Cheer (click here to watch)

Let me make this *absolutely* crystal clear for any cynical trolls: I am getting NO commission from these vendors and I specifically requested the products on loan, to be returned at my expense after filming (though some of the vendors have since said I can keep them). I chose to feature them entirely of my own accord and no deals have been struck.

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