Vlog 273: Mast from the Past

Rescuing hundreds of thousands of stranded Allied troops in World War 2, the Little Ships of Dunkirk are little miracles. Several of these historic vessels were on display at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival at Henley-on-Thames. I went along to have a look at all the spectacle and to hitch a ride on Little Ship “Aquabelle”.

Association of Dunkirk Little Ships: www.adls.org.uk
Aquabelle: www.aquabelle.net
Thames Traditional Boat Festival: www.tradboatfestival.com

You can view my “behind the scenes” campervan version of the trip by clicking here

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  1. Hello David..
    A great video, as per usual for your productioms. Incredible to see boats how (in my opinion), built from wood and notsteel or fiberglass.. lovely to see the history of our past misadventures preserved in such a high standard with regards to the Dunkirk little ships.. It goes to show that even in the face of such harrowing times & atrocities, the beauty that can be found within if one looks hard enough..
    Anyway my friend, the weather looked great for you, as did the turnout to the event..
    Thank you as always for the time & effort you put in to all of your video’s David..
    Kindest regards,
    Daren Henley

  2. Rev J J Goddard

    “This revolution was a legend in the making. The kind of tale that sprawled out long before me and far beyond my reach. The sort of epic that was told over and over to explain how the world was never the same after this handful of people lived and fought and won or died trying. And after it happened, the story seemed somehow inevitable. Like the world was waiting to be changed, needing to be saved, and the players in the tale were all plucked out of their lives and moved into places exactly where they needed to be, like pieces on a board, just to make this story come true. But it was wilder and more terrifying and intoxicating, and more uncertain, than I’d ever thought. And I could be part of it. If I wanted to. It was getting way too late to rip myself out of this story now, or to rip it out of me.. Where —”
    Alwyn Hamilton..

    I loved the homage to the little ships David, whom did so very much, along with their caretakers of the day to whom so very many, owe such life it is as vast as the water’s which keep aflioat all of our hopes & dreams..

    Rev J J Goddard

  3. Barry Woodhouse

    Another excellent vlog David.
    Nice to know that some of the Dunkirk boats have survived and are being looked after. Full marks to their owners – a bit of British history.
    Being of a ceretain age I can just about remember Dunkirk, and I’m still narrow boating!

  4. All your videos are always great but this one & its history really takes the cake. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the history of the boats & watching the video. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge & love of boats.

  5. Absolutely splendid David, even for an Aussie it has great historical significance. As a boating enthusiast, especially a wooden boat enthusiast, it is sheer heaven.

    • I find it incredible to think of the skill involved in wooden boat construction and maintenance, and these are lovely examples.

  6. Great video….! Wooden boats from the 40’s are my favorite.

  7. I just finished viewing Mast from the Past and thoroughly enjoyed the video. You captured the essence of the historical importance of these boats and your description for the various crafts and the narrative supplied brought each presentation to the public to be enjoyed as much as the boats and owner themselves.

    On another note, I initially thought that I was going to be bidding sayonora to CruisingTheCut since you were moving on and returning my tiller for a steering wheel. BUT, you have stayed the course and continued
    providing us with maritime tales of fun and adventures. Your recent entries are at least in keeping with those of the past if not actually a step up. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the time lapse vlog of Bridge Over Tunneled Waters.
    Enough said – thanks for CruisingTheCut and we look forward to more, similar tales.


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