Vlog 268: Gate Expectations

Every year, the Canal & River Trust replace a load of worn-out lock gates across the 200+ year-old canals of England and Wales. But how do you lift a 4-tonne chunk of wood out of its bindings, on waterway, often with limited room to manoeuvre? With a crane on a boat, that’s how…

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/AYdeQGuqnpqMbGjH9

For my prior video about how the lock gates themselves are made, click here.

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  1. Barry Woodhouse

    Absolutely fascinating David. But to ask a silly question – is it possible from markings (if any) on the old gates to discover where, and even who, produced them? I ask because I lived very close to the old British Waterways Bulborne Works near Tring where lock gates were made until the site was closed and sold off, and wondered could they have been made there and by who (or is it whom!)?
    As usual take care young man.

  2. As by the title, i ALMOST tbought this was a rerun of vlog 22 David..
    Excellent follow-on though from the gate building vlog (i forget the number) to this installation of the gates.. A logistical challenge for the CRT which i think many people fail to ever even contemplate let-alone simply realise.. A CONTINUED BIG HAND to a job well done to all of their volunteers ETC for what they do..& obviously to yourself David for documenting just some of the work they undertake in your usual professional, serious & jovial way and the time and effort which you put into shooting them to the hours spent editing you do etc..
    Many thanks David..
    I hope all ifs well with you in your world anyway. .
    As alwaysooking forward to your next upload.. Thanks again.
    Kindest regards,

    • Oh gosh, did I already use that title once before? Oops!! It had to happen eventually. Glad you liked it.

      • Nearly David..
        GRATE Expectations in VLOG 22
        GATE Expectations..
        Initially i had to check twice.. Fear not, both entries are fully worthy of the titles allocated though.. hahahahaha
        Enjoy your weekend David

  3. We are becoming spoiled indeed, with the frequency, the content and the quality of your product David. I’m not complaining, mind.

  4. Wonderful to see. It is definitely hard work. They are doing a great job. And it’s a brilliant vlog. Well done. Showing us the miss fit makes it fantastic XXX

  5. You always hated having spectators when you were going through a lock or mooring up somewhere, because you didn’t want to make a hash of it. Do you suppose the CRT folks felt the same way about being watched…and even filmed???

    How in the world did they replace gates two hundred years ago, when they didn’t have power equipment to pump water, lift the gates, etc.? Amazing engineering, then and now!

    • You’ll notice I was filming inside the cordoned off area keeping the public at bay – in other words, I had their full permission to be there, along with a press officer beside me, so they were fine with the filming. Also, I didn’t film installation of the top gates because they didn’t want to be distracted by me doing that while they lowered the gates between a set of power cables. So I’m fully aware of being a distraction and take steps to avoid it.

  6. Quite an undertaking and very interesting. Another great video, thanks David…!

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