Vlog 266: 2 Unlimited

What would a narrowboat look like if you were able to start with a blank sheet of paper and design it so that the boat was still very usable in later life or with limits on your physical agility? A couple from Hampshire have done just that so I went along to see the finishing touches being put to the boat ahead of it going on display at the Crick Waterways show in June.

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  1. Barry Woodhouse

    Very interesting David, But, um, no mention of cost unless I missed that? I hope it all works out for both of them but I fear this type of boat, even when second hand ones come onto the market, will probably be far beyond the purses of the majority of boaters. Time will tell.
    Will there be a time when all narrow boats are electric? I can’t see it myself. Nothing against electrically powered boats, as stated in the vlog much better for the enviroment. But dear me, 30,000 plus NBs on the canal & river system I believe? (Correct me if I’m wrong.) I can’t imagine a time when electric rules the waves.
    I’m not being negative here, just realistic.
    We looked at converting our boat from diesel to electric but quite honestly it was beyond our means. A pity that just to get away from the noise and cruise quietly!
    Take care young man.

    • Cost was less than £200,000 which is not too bad given the hugely custom nature of the boat, the propulsion and the huge increases in materials costs over the last year.

  2. Peter and Tina share a philosophy my wife and I share, make life as simple and easy as possible. As we are about to head into our seventies, those things that were so easy years ago, no longer are so. We also have to work as a team. What a dream it must be to design a narrowboat from the keel up to suit your needs.
    We moved into an over 50’s lifestyle village, but for the life of me I cannot find the narrowboat anywhere!
    Another excellent production David, thank you.

  3. Excellent video David & an excellent boat to-boot.. Its nice to see the design & construction of a ‘what seems like’ a very very well thought out system covering certainly all of what you could & would consider to be ‘obstacles’, both potential & actual for easing ones workload for both the present & future.
    There should not be any reason why anyone cant partake in what they love through illness, disabilities.. most problems can be overcome given the right mindset, passion & dedication to anything.., certainly something one loves..
    Now the CRT just needs to upgrade the canal networks locking systems all to hydraulic/electric to do their part in making it all easier.
    Amazing looking vessel.
    Thanks as always to you for the time, work & effort put into your videos & editing. Always much appreciated David by all i am sure.
    Kindest regards & many thanks as always.

    PS: I trust your landdwelling house hunt is going well, smoothly and your readjusting to ‘shedlife’ with the minimal of frustration

    • Thank you. The house search is proving to be troublesome for reasons I won’t bore you with. Sigh…

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