Vlog 264: Peaky Bolinders

After a hiatus due to “global events” (!), the annual historic canalboat festival came back to the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port. Spread over the Easter weekend, it began with a convoy of narrowboats coming up the Shropshire Union Canal from Chester to Ellesmere, and I went along to document the event.

Venue info at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/places-to-visit/national-waterways-museum

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  1. What an exceptional video, David, both technical and content.

    As a gongoozler, I have followed your vlogs with much interest and admiration and it was thus with regret that I learned recently of your decision to hang up your windlass. But, if this is what we might expect after you step ashore, then there’s still plenty to look forward to. Great.

    All the best.

    • Thank you. I know there will be videos coming that some, even many, viewers won’t be so interested in, and that’s in the nature of making such films. I hope that overall there will continue to be sufficient videos of interest to keep the viewers entertained!

  2. Utterly entertaining and informative. Most appreciated, David. The concept of catching parts of the journey, not just the arrival made such a difference.

    • Thank you. Yes, I’m really pleased I did that, as originally I was just going to go along on the Saturday once the boats had all arrived but the convoy and assembly at Chester really made the video, I think!

  3. What a brilliant video,more as soon as possible,once again life good entertainment .

  4. Excellent VLOG David..upto & i dare say in many respects far surpassing much of what you have done previously… with varied assortments of historical facts.. especially the final boat (Tug No2) and its history at Stanton iron works.. me being born/living at ‘Stanton-by-Dale’, spending my childhood there, brought back lots of evocative memories of childhood & how things were for me at that time.. NOT the same now up there.. (They call it progress.. I call it degress.. i dont even know if the old ‘Nutbrook canal’ is even still there now or not.. A crying shame..
    Anyway, a fantastic VLOG David… Thankyou for the little jog down memory lane for me.. and obviously for your time & effort you put into all of your productions..
    They are always very much appreciated and eagerly anticipated..
    Thank you..
    Kindest regards as always..
    Daren Henley

    • Thank you. I was very pleased with how this one turned out and very happy with my decision to cover the convoy and not just the ‘end event’ at Ellesmere.

  5. Michael Higgins

    A whole lot of canal boat history in this one ! I very much enjoyed taking in the various liveries of these boats, along with the throaty sounding engines and hearing a bit of their past from the proud owners. I also noticed the bit of classical music you inserted early on in the video David, an excellent choice. Thanks again for another amazing video.

  6. Barry Woodhouse

    Without doubt one of the very best vlogs you’ve done. Fascinating stuff!

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