Vlog 262: Bovine Intervention

Part 2 of my cruise taking the boat to the broker for sale, this video covers days 4 and 5, along the Coventry Canal and the North Oxford canal. Includes an encounter with a cow.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/uvFisdUjbSHyXXXz7
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/3wRwfN8Le2wSgJFC7

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  1. I just never tire of watching cruises on your canal system. You are indeed a lucky lot to have access to such serene (most of the time) waterways. I truly envy you except for the locks, they spoil the fun. Thank you for sharing again.

  2. David, why are your glasses not straight? I have been watching your videos for five years or so and throughout the left side of your glasses have appeared to be lower than the right side.

    Incidentally, I truly enjoy your postings and thank you for them.


  3. I don’t know which was more painful: seeing former countryside being turned into thousands of homes or your bovid pun…. :-D

  4. Well, only you know what’s best for you; all things must pass and it’s been an opportunity to have an adventure/do something different and something to look back on in your life, all I can say is thanks for the vlogging. Loved it.

    House prices are expensive indeed; however it may have been an idea to have checked out the property in Stoke on Trent apart from that in Barlaston -you can get some cheap houses here – I know, it’s my domicile. Incidentally, I have met the Barlaston wife and saw that lovely property being done. The rest of sunny SOT seems to be bucking the national trend! Opposite to the south Midlands though and you would need to nurture a deep love of North Staffs oatcakes and learn the local dialect – ar fur tow crate in Stoke.

    Best Wishes for the next chapter in your life and keep the vlogs coming

    • Cheers, Stoke wouldn’t really suit as my family are south of Birmingham so that’s where I need and want to be! And fear not, vlogs will continue :-)

  5. Yet another excellent vlog David. Now, a question I’ve been meaning to ask (anybody) for a few years. The new marina at the start of your vlog.
    So the marina is excavated to size/shape/depth. But where does all of that water come from? Do they pinch it one dark night from the adjoining canal in the hope they won’t be spotted? Answers on a post card please to …
    Take care young man.

  6. Beautiful scenery…!

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