Vlog 257: Sale of the Century

My ideal canalside home has just come up for sale at Barlaston near Stoke on Trent and the owners are seeking a very particular type of person to buy it. Could it be you? I went for a tour because I’m very nosy.

Note! I am not being paid for this, I’m not on commission, it’s not an advert. I genuinely wanted to see round and thought I’d make a video in case other people were interested.

The estate agent listing can be found at sheridanparsons.exp.uk.com/properties-for-sale/ (look for Barlaston Boatyard)

And Sheridan’s written an extensive history of the site at sheridanparsons.exp.uk.com/latest-news/the-history-of-barlaston-boatyard/

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  1. Beautiful house. Wish I had the money.

  2. Hi David,
    Firstly, “The Big Cheese” vlog was excellent. One point I’d like to highlight; the composting of human waste proposals have flaws that were not discussed. As a live-aboard boater, we are expected to retain the compost for 1 years prior to disposal. So on day 1 we put aside the waste for a year. Day 2 we do the same and are keeping excrement on board for 1 year and 1 day. This situation keeps going until we can at last dispose of day 1… By now we are storing 365 days worth of human excrement. If that was a 3rd world situation, Lenny Henry and the ilk would be on our TV’s daily…

    This solution appears to have been offered without consideration for the impact to our section of canal communities.

    I had an article published on this subject. This includes proposal for dedicated disposal containers at the waste disposal points which can be taken to bulk composting plants (these facilities cannot cater for small quantities such as a liveaboard can hygenically store).

    • Hi, it is indeed a problem (but I did mention the impossibility of storing the compost for a year during the interview!). Cheers

  3. We can but dream. What a lifestyle that would be. Find a few more of these and you could have your own show!….Escape to the Canals!

  4. Absolutely beautiful property & location David that is steeped in and with history & historical canal facts..
    Its nice to see the sympathetic & welldone restoration of the dock too back to a usable and functional status too.. To me that only serves to enhance the historical value of the property & location… I think even thoughits worth every penny and more, whom ever the lucky soul is that gets the privilege to own it WILL be getting a TOTAL BARGIN whatever the cost..
    Makes me wish harder for that illusive lottery win i think.. :-)
    I can understand the current owners mentality & passion towards it..
    I too only hope that a suitable custodian to take over tenure is found…
    With those workshops too David who knows what goodies you would or could be producing in the not to distant future.. !!
    Anyway, i trust uou are well sir and enjoying the weekend.
    Thanks as always for your time & effort put into yet another fantastic vlog..
    I was surprised to see you drive to the viewing rather that take the boat up and out for the viewing..
    Look forward to your next upload..
    Kindest regards as always Gavid.

  5. Absolutely enjoyed every minute of this one David ! This home is well-worth full asking price and has a uniqueness, unlike any other. This gentleman put a lot of hard work and sweat into building this dream and I applaud the fact that he really wants to see it go to a respectful owner. Two things are lacking for me though . . . the fact I’m American means, England would only let me reside for six months out of the year and of course the obvious . . . the money ! I could raise maybe half what he is asking. I wish the owner many more years in his new bungalow, I pray that his health holds out for a while longer. Thanks so much David for this grand tour, I think you just put Robin Leach RIGHT OUT OF A JOB !

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