Vlog 256: The Big Cheese

Here follows TWO videos (scroll down to see the second), each being roughly half of a sit-down interview I did with the Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust, Richard Parry.

00:00 Video starts
00:05 Introduction
01:53 Role of the CRT and main goals
03:02 Biggest threats and opportunities
04:46 Government funding
05:41 Does Richard go boating?
08:06 Are boaters being ignored by CRT?
09:36 Why do many boaters feel undervalued?
11:04 Is money the deciding factor?
12:41 The CRT’s responsibility to liveaboards
14:49 How to deal with London overcrowding
17:22 Does CRT only want nice shiny boats?
19:00 Moorings removed at Broxbourne?
22:56 Why are CRT moorings auctioned?
24:36 Why is much maintenance so poor?
29:01 Are CRT top exec salaries justified?

00:00 Video starts
00:15 The composting toilet debacle
03:34 Recycling
04:40 Cycling; towpath conflicts
08:09 Too many boats?
09:49 Restorations and new canals
12:55 Going green – electrification
15:29 HVO vs electric
16:57 Green taxes on licences?
17:55 Carbon neutral plans
19:18 If you could wave a magic wand…
20:51 Favourite cheese?

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  1. As I live in Australia and do not travel overseas, this topic does not impact me first hand.
    However I have been following you and other narrowboat owners for some years now and am very envious of your canal system, I found this to be an excellently conducted interview giving great insight into the “whys and wherefores” of the system and the workings of the CRT.
    Well done David and well done Mr Parry. I wouldn’t have his job for quids but he certainly is passionate about his responsibility.

  2. Very interesting David. Talking to C & R T staff while cruising they nearly all make the same comment that the C & R T “waste loads of money” – their words not mine.
    As for volunteering I volunteered last year to be a Locky. All references etc were taken up and approved but as yet I’m still waiting for them to come back to me. Have they got too many lockies I wonder?? I don’t think I’ll bother now, a pity that.

    • That is a great shame. I raised (off camera, while chatting afterwards) that other people had complained about it being difficult to volunteer and Richard was genuinely surprised to hear that, it didn’t seem to be something he was aware of. Hopefully he’ll remember we talked about it and try to make a change.

  3. Fascinating Q & A video with Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust, Richard Parry…
    There was certainly a whole plethora of valid questions there David which you posed to Richard. Plus, for a CEO of an establishment the size of the Canal & River Trust, i thought the time Mr Parry allotted to answering them was commendable.. (So Thankyou Richard.) and as always, Thankyou David for the time & effort which you yourself put into the research, production, editing, etc of your videos..
    The whole line of questions on the GREEN aspect i found of particular interest.. Though thats something which is in my opinion an action which will be only accomplished as part of a substantial social/economic/mindset shift & over many years/decades… if not centuries.. The future potential though certainly peaked my curiosity.
    What i do know though is as a specias we have so much more potential to yet be realised..
    Are we able to do change whats needed though?
    (Namely ourselves)

    Thanks as always to the CRT for all they do and hope to do.
    Thankyou to yourself David for this latest upload.

    Kindest regards,

  4. I have never heard so much bull s—-t in all my life for three quarters of the discussion from a non politician in all my life typical i thought .

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