Vlog 256: The Big Cheese

Here follows TWO videos (scroll down to see the second), each being roughly half of a sit-down interview I did with the Chief Executive of the Canal & River Trust, Richard Parry.

00:00 Video starts
00:05 Introduction
01:53 Role of the CRT and main goals
03:02 Biggest threats and opportunities
04:46 Government funding
05:41 Does Richard go boating?
08:06 Are boaters being ignored by CRT?
09:36 Why do many boaters feel undervalued?
11:04 Is money the deciding factor?
12:41 The CRT’s responsibility to liveaboards
14:49 How to deal with London overcrowding
17:22 Does CRT only want nice shiny boats?
19:00 Moorings removed at Broxbourne?
22:56 Why are CRT moorings auctioned?
24:36 Why is much maintenance so poor?
29:01 Are CRT top exec salaries justified?

00:00 Video starts
00:15 The composting toilet debacle
03:34 Recycling
04:40 Cycling; towpath conflicts
08:09 Too many boats?
09:49 Restorations and new canals
12:55 Going green – electrification
15:29 HVO vs electric
16:57 Green taxes on licences?
17:55 Carbon neutral plans
19:18 If you could wave a magic wand…
20:51 Favourite cheese?

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