Happy New Year; some YouTube ideas

On a chill-out New Year’s Day what could be finer than settling back with some excellent YouTube viewing? Nothing, that’s what. So here I present four other channels that I really enjoy. If you’d like to suggest your own, please do (but also please abide by my Suggestion Rules as given in the video!)

Links to the channels I suggest:

Wee Broon Van www.youtube.com/WeeBroonVan
Soft Roading The West www.youtube.com/SoftRoadingTheWest
Camper Vibe www.youtube.com/CamperVibe
Jits Into The Sunset www.youtube.com/JitsIntoTheSunset

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  1. Hi David – Happy New Year!! Thanks for some excellent videos the past year, two in particular struck a really strong chord with me – the one about cutting tree growth back on the canals which showed that some canal based organisations are taking a far more progressive attitude to dealing with tree ‘waste’ than some ‘conservation’ organisations are. The other was about the restoration of the Cotswold Canals. As a former resident of Gloucester I had absolutely no idea there was a canal going across the Cotswolds! I lived on the edge of them for two years and loved it. This was the icing on the cake! Elsewhere I’ve suggested ‘The Bald Explorer’ as a good channel to watch, not a narrowboat channel, but occasionally looks at canals. He’s a very affable character, and he has a small crew of people (mainly the ‘lovely Julia’) that participate in his various exploits – highly enjoyable. One I haven’t mentioned before is ‘Paul and Rebecca Whitewick’ who again aren’t a narrowboat channel, but do occasionally cover canals, nice when canals are part of a broader mix of subject matter. Unusually Rebecca doesn’t appear in this video, but this one still gives a good taste of the work they do – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMCicCN_x0s

  2. David amazing New Years message. Loved your highlighted YouTubers channel. Jist Into the Sunset was spot on with your review and very positive personality, even when van breaks. The van layout in Jist is perfect in my opinion. The Wee Broom Van was awesome and they are certainly lovely people the dog is so cute. It was perfect to watch these video during the snowstorm we received this week in upstate NY. Looking forward to the other two suggestions. Always love your canal boating and your van channel, too. Enjoy your story telling. Keep up the amazing job you do. Thank you so much.

  3. Happy New Year

  4. GR8 comments will have a look tired of crap editing ect

  5. Have you watched Bruce Fummey’s
    Scotland History Tours?

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