Merry Christmas (and chocolate mousse)

Wishing my viewers a very Merry Christmas 2021 and a happy new year; plus bonus content of me in the galley knocking up a chocolate mousse.

90g dark chocolate
2 eggs

Heat the chocolate in a pan over simmering water. Don’t let it get too hot; if it burns your finger, it’s too hot.
Separate the egg whites and yolks
Whisk the white so that it’s almost stiff enough not to fall out of an upturned bowl.
When the chocolate is all melted, bring it off the heat, let it cool a tad then stir the yolks in vigorously.
Stir in a dessert spoon of the whisked egg white.
Fold in the rest of the egg white until fully mixed. Don’t overdo it else it turns liquid.
Dispense into little bowls and chill them for an hour or so.

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