Vlog 253: That Sinking Feeling

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This is the terrible tale of how a woman who’d always dreamed of living aboard a narrowboat on the canals has had her dreams – and almost the boat – sunk because, she says, she was mislead by the professional surveyor on whose advice she bought the boat.

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  1. I feel so sorry for her. She obviously enjoyed living aboard. Our boat is due for blacking in the Spring so I think I might get our bottom checked out just to be safe. Can I ask, aren’t the majority of rusting problems on the base plates to be more likely caused by water leaks from inside the boat which aren’t noticed? I have an inspection panel in the floor boards which I always lift to check for any leaking pipes etc.
    As usual David, a very good vlog.

  2. Hi David:

    What percentage of recent increases in the price of Narrowboats and number of full-time cruisers would you estimate to be due to additional demand created by the popularity of your blog? You could correlate your youtube subscriber numbers with the pricing data to get an idea, although Covid would be a confounding variable so you might have to stick to pre-covid data. Perhaps some statisticians out there could help you figure it out if you’re curious. I’m guessing it might be significant!

    • Hi. I’ve absolutely no idea but there are now many, many more video blogs than just mine so it wouldn’t be feasible to calculate, I don’t think.

  3. Please see “narrow boat that James built” episode 198 as he had the same problem, a rusty bottom which was going to cost yes £20,000 to have it over plated.

    He set up a crowd funding and managed to secure the funding in no time at all.
    Jennie would do very well I’m sure.

  4. How she maintains such a lovely smile after all this, amazes me.

  5. You’re a proper gent David.

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