Vlog 252: Reg Prescott

Boat life is much like owning a house inasmuch as there’s always something to be fixed or maintained or tarted up. Here’s a compilation of minor things I did around the boat over the last few months, including fixes after the boat failed its four-yearly Boat Safety Scheme examination.

Stuff Wot I Used (affiliate links):-

Honeywell propane / butane gas sniffer https://geni.us/CtC_GasSniffer

DeWalt Mitre saw https://geni.us/CtC_DeWalt_MitreSaw

DeWalt Multitool https://geni.us/CtC_DeWalt_Multitool

No More Nails https://geni.us/CtC_NoMorenails

WD40 degreaser https://geni.us/CtC_WD40degreaser

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  1. Thank you for the videos, they are consistently a highlight of my day when they come out.

  2. Hello David – great set of vlogs. Always interesting and entertaining. I have just rewatched the one regarding the installation of lead carbon batteries. This being of particular interest as we are in the process of moving from a Marina to an off grid bank side mooring and after some research determined these to be the best Option for us given their claimed ability to sustain higher discharge, faster recharge and longevity. As you fitted these in 2019 I was wondering how they have performed and if you are going to post an update?

    • Hi Mike. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no way to test the batteries and can only say that they’re in situ and doing as you’d expect batteries to do but that’s about it. I suppose if ever I remove them, I will then be able to run some tests to see how they’re holding up but at present I have no data to give any meaningful conclusion, sorry.

  3. I really enjoy your vlog. I am enjoying your new format of informational and interviews as well.
    Sid Meyer Brooklyn USA

  4. PS to previous David. I’ve just twigged on to ‘Reg Prescott! One of my all time favourite comedians.

  5. UPWARDS? Ye gods, which recalcitrant adolescent on a bad day decided that was necessary?
    Brilliant work on the woodburner, by the way, and all the other ‘necessary’ (!) jobsworth additions – if any boat deserves a lifelong BSC, (Boat Safety Certificate) yours does! (How can it be BSS?)

  6. Hi David, this is your friend Jeff Weldon here in Washington State…. Im the one with the interesting trailer boat…hey two questions….in this vlog where you make improvements, have you ever tried using “step drill bits” instead of drilling with larger and larger different drill bits? I can send you some if you can tell me where to send them…..also, in your gas locker, below the regulator and off in the background, was that a small fire i see burning in the corner??? Hope you are well my friend….take care and please let me know if I can send you the step drills…Jeff

    • Hi Jeff. Not a fire, it was a reflection of the sun glinting off the water showing through the vent hole in the side of the locker (required in case any propane ever leaked, so it could vent over the sides). I have considered step drills but generally I want my holes the same width all the way through (rather than the slightly conical shape they’d get with a step drill, if that makes sense). Cheers though.

  7. Very informative David. But I think the BSC and the ‘problems’ with the gas pipe being un-supported because they were a few mm too long is a tad OTT. Who decides how long the gas pipes should un-supported any way?

    • I’m not sure. Justin said it’s not so much that the rules have changed as their interpretation. Either way, better safe than sorry I suppose!

    • I don’t know who makes the rules. Apparently they haven’t changed so much as been “re-interpreted”!

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