Vlog 251: The Bright Side of Life

Yes, this is a long video indeed. It covers the complete installation and configuration of an additional 540W solar panel (I said 550 in the video but it’s 540) along with two new Epever Tracer MPPT solar charge controllers and all the wiring etc.


00:00 Introduction

01:18 Why add more?

02:47 Where to put the new panel

04:09 Which panel?

04:41 How to mount it

05:23 Precision engineering

07:05 Installing the panel

11:41 Wiring the panel to the engine room

15:46 Why two new solar controllers?

19:09 Installing the new MPPT controllers

20:16 Installing ancillary wiring bits

23:19 Explaining the wiring

28:19 Switching it all on

35:25 Configuring the controllers with a laptop

40:51 The most exciting bit of all

Link to buy the mop! (Amazon affiliate link): https://geni.us/CtC_SolarMop

Solar panel (Canadian Solar 540W) bought from Bimble Solar. Controllers and wiring miscellany bought from Photonic Universe. Screws from Wickes.

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