Vlog 246: Pub of the Week

Having meant to do a video with Robbie Cumming for many years, we finally got around to it a few weeks ago. I’m always getting requests from overseas viewers to go into the canal pubs but don’t tend to do that alone. Who better to team up with to do so than Robbie Cumming, whose youTube channel features a regular “Pub of the Week” slot!

Robbie’s channel: www.youtube.com/robbiecumming
Canal Boat Diaries: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bks0
Vlog from the Frog: www.youtube.com/vlogfromthefrog

Pubs we visited:
The Navigation Inn: navigationsb.co.uk
The Summit Inn: www.facebook.com/summitinnlittleborough
The Stubbing Wharf: stubbing.co.uk

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  1. Hi David:

    When you go continuous cruising without a permanent home mooring, is it difficult to find a long term mooring location for your summer and winter breaks in the locations where you want to rest up?

    • It has never been a problem so far, no. I think if you left it very late for winter, it could be difficult but I’ve always found a spot where I wanted so far.

  2. Hey! I write from Sweden,
    I have watched with great pleasure a number of your vlogs about narrovboating.
    I wonder if foreigners can drive on these canals, and if my boat would fit there? It has the measure; draft 1.35m wide 3m length 10m
    Regards Claes Hellsten

    • Foreigners can certainly boat on the canals – but your draft would be too deep (anything over 2.5 feet will drag on the bottom of most canals; 3 feet is possible but will ground often). Your width would also restrict you to the wide canals of the south or north (the midlands canals are designed for boats of width 6’10” (approx 2m). Length would be fine though!

  3. Tony Mears, Palm Harbor, FL, US

    Excellent as always! I was surprised not to see you ordering a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich.

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of Robbie before – but now I have and I’ll be looking for his canal-related work.

    • Well there was cheese in the chicken and bacon thing at the end :-) Yes, do take a look at Robbie’s channel, link in the video description.

  4. Beautiful scenery, lovely pubs and a canal. However do you handle the stress?
    Well done David, keep up the good work.

  5. Loved the Vlog and seeing the Pubs


  6. The first of a new series for me from you.
    I’m not a ‘pub man’ myself, but i do appreciate a good pub with friendly atmosphere.
    The bloke you were with seems a decent sort of chap – I’ll watch his stuff as well.

    Just for the record, after watching all your CTC and Vandemonium vids, it seems to me that you are a teetotal vegan. Am I wrong?

  7. Another excellent production David. FAAAR surpassing BBC production capabilities..
    (in my view)
    Quite a beautiful part of the canal network up yander, as you rightly pointed out and a FINE selection of ‘watering holes’ as well..
    Was quite glad to see that you DIDN’T get tipsy and fall into the canal.. Which to be truthful, I was kind of half expecting you to do.. ;-) (hahahahaha)
    Needless to say David, you enjoy your time up that neckka-woods.. If indeed your there for any significant time.. Either in van or boat.
    Thank you as always sir for the time & effort put into your DocuVlog uploads..
    (Disappointed to not see any Guinness coverage though being a drinker of the blackstuff myself.. LOL)
    Looking forward to seeing your next upload.
    Kindest regards and many thanks as always David..

  8. A most enjoyable video David, although I am not a drinker myself, I make a horrible Irishman indeed ;) I really loved the drone footage in this one and of course your research was most appreciated. I also loved the unique canal marker shown @ 1:20. Take very good care David and cheers from Phoenix.

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