Vlog 245: Hire Calling

Lots of folk ask me about hiring a narrowboat for a holiday so I thought I’d make a video about it. By coincidence, friends and fellow YouTubers Greg & Lou Virgoe, and John & Mandy, had decided to book a week’s hire – their first time on a narrowboat – so I tagged along to document the hiring handover.

Greg & Lou’s video: https://youtu.be/6MO_XWWY6Lg
John & Mandy’s video: https://youtu.be/f60TU8SkSZ0

Greg booked the hire with ABC Boat Hire www.abcboathire.com
Note: this video is not an advertisement for ABC and I received no payment or benefit from them for making it (other than their permission to film); I pointed Greg in their direction when he asked me about hiring but he sorted the holiday out.

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  1. Very interesting!!

  2. Enjoyed the Vid

  3. Different sir..
    Still, nonetheless informative, especially a useful, broad guide and a quick glimpse into the world of narrowboating for anyone looking to get away and out of the rat race by hiring a narrow boat for a short, intermediate or indeed long break/getaway..
    I, like you have always been hugely… HUGELY surprised by the lack of licensing and training required to head out onto our fantastic waterways..
    I’m sure in time our ‘grubberment, beit local or central’ will see it as a new revenue source to charge us all on.. Thankfully not yet though. As they TAKE far to much from us as it is.. Hahahahahaha.
    Anyway, I’m glad your friends, colleagues enjoyed there narrowboat experience David.
    Another high production quality video from you..
    It did set me back thinking to my first time that’s for sure… Many, many, many eons ago.
    (Deduce from that what you will).. LMAO.
    Thanks for the time & effort put into the video David.
    A genuine pleasure as always sir..
    Keep churning up the silt David and will be looking forward to your next VLOG..
    Thanks again.
    Kindest regards,

  4. I did it! I finished all your videos. ;) 6 weeks. Thanks for helping me relax during stressful times. Wish you much success, David. Keep having fun and doing what you like. Fortunately for me and other viewers, that is something we can’t seem to get enough of! Kind regards, PColaG

  5. Nice one David. Boy racers comes to mind though! Cheers

  6. Another excellent production, David. Informative and entertaining , thank you.

  7. Nice one – fascinating insight into life for a complete “Newby” with a fairly high value piece of gear. Great that you could slow them down at the appropriate times or they might well have got into a bit of strife!

  8. Michael Higgins

    Another very well done video David; I’m sure many who are considering a Hire Boat will greatly benefit from your efforts here. I’ve rented once from ABC out of Blackwater Meadows Marina and did the Llangollen Canal crossing the spectacular Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on my 60th Birthday, a day I will never forget. Also, we pounded our pins in at the tunnel in Chirl, and walked up to and toured the Castle there, Wales version of Downton Abbey I’d say and we were treated to a free High Tea as well ! The folks at ABC could not possibly have been more friendly or professional, the epitome of what a hire boat firm could hope to aspire to. I was hoping to rent again this year but, sadly England still has a quarantine on and I’m not in favor personally of being vaccinated. I hope to return and experience renting a Narrowboat again soon. Thanks for this one David, well done as always ;)

    • Ah. I’m glad to hear you had a good experience with ABC, they have always been very friendly at their marinas. Cheers

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