Vlog 242: Wobbly Boating

On May 29th this year, I was lucky enough to be invited to join Alan, Tina and Richard of NB Wobbly, to travel in convoy across The Wash with Jo, Michael and Lorna on NB Perseverance. This is quite an adventurous crossing for a narrowboat as they’re designed only for the flat calm waters of the canals or small rivers – and The Wash is pretty much open sea.

See the others’ versions of the day here:
Jo & Michael: https://youtu.be/AQ-lSsf1Pj4
Lorna: https://youtu.be/h8EgC_6CxWc
Richard: https://youtu.be/sA2v0_1Wy8w

See also Jo & Michael’s “planning the trip” video:

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  1. Hello, just catching up with your vlogs again. The corkscrewing at 15:30 reminded me just a bit of four hours that I spent on a ferry in the Irish Sea in a force 9. Not pleasant. I did once experience something similar for several moments on the River Severn when a large fibreglass cruiser came past at a humungous speed creating a three-foot wash and our 50-foot narrowboat was thrown all over the place.

  2. Which app was Alan using ?
    Does it allow you to set a destination point and then let you navigate to that point?

  3. Please tell us the lengths of each of the boats. I’ve been searching but can’t identify the craft.
    Great vid.

    • Hi. I don’t know how long each of them is. Narrowboats are typically around 57 feet but I think Wobbly might be slightly longer, not sure.

  4. Barry Woodhouse

    You’re a braver sea-farer than I am David. We did 3 weeks along the (non tidal) Thames a couple of years ago on a narrow boat. OK until the wind got up then it was akin to the North Atlantic. Very scary with wind swept waves breaking over the bow! That together with virtually no mooring spots decided us we wouldn’t do it again. Well done anyway.

  5. Fantastic video David.. GREAT to see you out cruising, or even ‘boat surfing’ again.
    Looked like a really good crossing of the ‘wash’. Weather and the sea looked almost idyllic.. A bit choppy in places with those pesky X-winds & no substantial keel, but fair to say I think that ‘old man sea, Neptune and the narrow boat gods’ (whomever they actually are) were on your side..
    I know it would have been far more fun than video is able to convey..
    Nice to see you back at it anyway sir.
    Looking forward to your next upload David.
    Kindest regards,
    PS. 1 curiosity David…!! Where the hell did you get an ice cream from on an isolated sandbar out in the middle of the wash.. Have Tonibell & Mr Whippy taken to the oceans now…
    (it’s OK, freezer supplies I know)

    • Haha no not freezer supplies – Narrowboat Wobbly has a full Mr Whippy-type ice cream dispenser on board and when he’s not out adventuring, he sells 99s out of the side hatch :-)

  6. Hi David. Love your Cruising The Cut series.

    Would like to buy all the seasons but being that it’s only for sale on Amazon at the moment, I can’t purchase it because there is no way to download the product and keep all the videos on my hard drive.

    Any way you will eventually sell it on Vimeo On Demand which allows the customer to download and actually own the episodes? If so I will gladly purchase the series there.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

    • Hi. Thanks for the message, I’m glad you enjoy the show. I’ve no plans to make it downloadable or sell on Vimeo. Bear in mind it’s all available (in a slightly different form) for free on YouTube or on this website. Cheers

  7. Fantastic video and utterly, utterly mad! This should be on the TV

  8. Loved it! Great Adventure

  9. Great video, the eddys or whirlpools reminded me of the Missouri River here in Omaha, caused by a swift current of 6mph and the bottom of the rivere being very uneven. The whirlpools can literly pull you under the water and hold you there. Very unadvisable to be swimming in them.
    Another great video I love the UK, thanks David.

  10. Elaine Summerhill

    I am impressed!

    Well done.

  11. Michael Higgins

    A rather nice adventure to follow David, well done as always on your documentary skills. I especially enjoyed the drone footage where you intentionally beached the boats. Thanks so much for this one.

  12. I notice the vlogs are now very large. 1,5 to over 3 gigs. Used to be about half gig. Any special reason? My internat has a monthly cap which is quite small. Thanks for them anyway. Tony

    • This is down to YouTube; it recently changed the way it selects what quality of video to show you (eg 4K, HD or whatever). I suspect that because you have a good connection, it’s sending you the 4K version hence the bigger files. You can force it to use a lower-resolution version by clicking the cog icon and manually selecting which one to view.

  13. Enjoyed this trip thoroughly though I never thought I’d be seasick watching one of your videos.

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