Vlog 241: A Night on the Tiles

Partly because of a leak and partly because I never liked the tiles anyway, I have refurbished my shower cubicle with shower panels, stuck over the old tiles. This is the tale of how I did it.

Panels bought from DBS Bathrooms

00:00 Start
00:15 Introduction
01:31 The Problem
02:39 Demolition
03:47 The soggy bit
05:05 Tracking the culprit
07:59 Testing the theory
09:29 Cracked tiles
10:41 Proposed solution
12:54 Tricky bits
14:17 Work begins
14:53 Cutting the first panel
15:01 Scribing the rear panels
17:26 A miracle!
18:08 A problem emerges
21:09 Day 2: Another problem
21:36 Tap issues
21:58 More efficient cutting
22:26 Sealant removal
23:34 Degreasing
24:32 Glue and screw woes
28:19 A solution manifests
28:53 Glueing begins
39:50 Fitting around the taps
42:01 Refitting shower fixings

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