Vlog 240: Much Ado About Locking

Whether you’re a solo narrowboater or have plenty of crew aboard, there’s no doubt that at busy and long canal lock flights, a team of helpful volunteer lock-keepers can be a blessing to help you through. I spent a couple of days at Fradley Junction near Lichfield, talking to the volunteers as they prepare for the new boating season, and they explained what they do and why they do it.

For CRT lock volunteer information, see https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/volunteer/ways-to-volunteer/volunteer-lock-keepers

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  1. Hi David. Just wondering if you will be doing a season 5 on amazon prime, or will this vlog be the way to follow you?

    • Hello. There won’t be any further Seasons on Prime (and Season 4 ended at approx vlog 201 here). All new videos are posted here and on YouTube! Cheers.

  2. This was a very good video and especially for me, I love listening to the English accent. Enjoyed every minute and the beautiful scenery.
    Thanks David…!!

  3. Nice to see you back David. A very good informative vlog. I would like to volunteer but living in Norfolk it’s a long way to travel to our nearest C & R T canal. We moor up in the Northampton area so it’s quite a journey for us. Take care.

  4. Tony Mears, Palm Harbor, FL, US

    Great to see you back in action. I discovered your vlogs a few months ago and went through them all just in time for your change of style. (And I’ve watched most of them again waiting for your return).
    Originally from the UK (Ruislip & Watford), I’ve lived in Florida for 40 years. I’ve experienced the Broads and the Thames but never the canals – other than from the towpath. Now enjoying them vicariously through your website. If I was 5,000 miles closer, I would certainly want to be a volunteer.
    Thanks for your excellent work. Looking forward to the next production.

    • Thank you so much! What a co-incidence; before I moved to Kent to work in radio and TV, I lived – for just a couple of years – in Ruislip Manor!

  5. yes, as a single hander like you I really appreciate the volunteers.
    they always get a brew off my boat!

  6. Very interesting And clear narrating. Very professional overall. Great to see & hear you again. cheers from Australia

  7. If there were Academy Awards for vlogs, this one would be a winner!!

    • Haha there are always the Vloggies (I think that’s what they’re called). Not sure my stuff would qualify!

  8. Great human interest vlog David. Keep up the good work. i look forward to more.

    • Cheers. I can’t remember what I have planned next (!) but I’ve got two great potential filming days coming up at the end of May…

  9. Michael Sloothaak

    Really enjoyed that. Successful professional “gear shift” into a documentary mode of presentation.

  10. Wonderful :)

  11. What an exceptionally well produced video on those, Oh so important, Volly Lockies. My hat is off to all the Volunteers who sacrifice so much of their time to make the British Waterways experience, the envy of the world that it is. I so admire just how well the British people pour into maintaining and preserving, so much of England’s historical sights. I hope one day to live in England several months out of each year upon a Narrowboat. Thanks again David for another fantastic video production, your education certainly wasn’t wasted and you have more than left your mark upon this world.

  12. Very educational!

  13. Regarding tips, is it still expected that the lockie at Bingley gets given 2 bottles of beer? It was last time I went through.

    Have never seen any volunteers at Tardebigge….. I wonder why…..

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